Mona Patel Met Gala Look 2024

Multi-Millionaire Mona Patel’s Stunning Met Gala 2024 Outfit Steals Spotlight

May 12, 2024
A name that has become the talk of the town, Mona Patel, a CEO who nailed the Met Gala 2024 theme. But do you know the CEO who made everyone’s jaw drop on Red Carpet is also a billionaire with an interesting backstory? This might be perfect for you if you want to know who Mona Patel is and everything else about her Met Gala 2024 look. Let’s look into it. Also read Sudha Reddy’s Stunning Met Gala Look: Flaunting 200-Carat


Malls in Delhi

Best Malls In Delhi: 5 Malls That Are Perfect For Shopaholics

May 19, 2024
Malls in Delhi are said to be places where shopping meets entertainment. Ranging from luxury international brands to local homegrown ones, these malls offer a holistic shopping experience to everyone. These malls are a must-visit to fulfil all your needs. If you are looking for best Delhi malls to explore,
Cafes in Delhi

Trendy Cafés In Delhi: 7 Spots That Are Best At Brewing Brilliance

May 19, 2024
Cafes in Delhi are a true reflection of Delhi’s evergreen obsession with Coffee and Café culture. These cafes in Delhi offer a combination of charm that is scattered throughout the city. Delhi’s coffee shops offer a diverse range of experiences for caffeine enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a cosy spot for
Car detailing in Gurugram

Delight Of Car Detailing In Gurugram: Gurugram’s 5 Must Visit Popular Spots

May 17, 2024
Shops offering car detailing in Gurugram have various options to cater to your car care needs. Whether you’re looking for a thorough interior cleaning, paint protection, or cosmetic enhancements, Gurugram offers a variety of options. From expert detailing services to advanced paint protection and customisation, Gurugram’s Car detailing shops provide
Beaches in India

Beaches In India: Exploring 7 Stunning Secret Shores In India

May 17, 2024
Are you a beach lover looking for secluded and peaceful beaches in India? Hidden beaches in India are like secret treasures waiting to be explored. Here are some hidden gems you need to explore this summer in India. Also read: Indian? 3 Visa-Free Travel Destinations for Indians to begin 2024
Airbnb in India

Lavish Airbnb In India: A Look At The 10 Most Luxury Airbnb Stays

May 15, 2024
Want to explore an expensive Airbnb in India? We have listed India’s top 10 most expensive and exquisite Indian Airbnb rentals. These properties offer extravagance and an unforgettable experience for those seeking the finest stays. Let us take you on a virtual tour of these lavish and extraordinary retreats. Also
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