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Personal Colour Analysis In Korea: 5 Best Studios That Are Revolutionising Beauty Worldwide

October 3, 2023
If you’ve ever wondered how Korean influencers and celebrities maintain flawless appearances, Seoul’s colour analysis studios hold the key. Tourists commonly travel to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which is well-known for its beauty scene, to purchase the newest K-beauty items and one of the newest additions is Personal Colour Analysis. The newest, most popular trend to come out
Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

Top 10 Fall 2023 Fashion Trends You Should Include In Your Wardrobe

November 10, 2023
Immersion in the newest autumn, or, as the fashion industry likes to call it, fall trends, is like pressing a reset button for fashion, particularly when designers present captivating runway presentations. Bold colours, statement silhouettes, and updated staples you can mix and match to create many new fall ‘fit combos’

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