From Runway To Reality: Best Bag Trends Of Spring 2024

July 11, 2024
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Bag trends of Spring 2024

If you are someone who loves to stay on trend, we have the right article for you. In this article, we listed some of the best Bag trends of Spring 2024 that you need to know. From minimalistic round bags to Giant oversized bags, this list consists of it all. 

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Best Bag Trends Of Spring 2024

Overstuffed bags Best Bag Trends Of Spring 2024

Even though most of the bags, especially the luxury ones we carry around, are half empty, this trend has arrived in 2024 with a uniqueness. The bags can be seen in the most iconic fashion shoes, overflowing with stuff related to our daily lifestyle. These bags are usually a don with charms and carry a gym bag energy.

Sometimes, rolled-up newspapers could be spotted in them, and sometimes, it’s the spare shirts. There are some brands, such as Stephen Cooke’s Mulberry bags and Givenchy’s totes, that give the same life as these over-craft bags. When carrying on yourself, make sure to them with keychains and trinkets.

Bag with Chain12 Designer Bags With Chain Straps | Viora London

Chains are often seen as more of a jewellery category than the handbag itself. Still, they are in the handbag so beautifully that they become a part of the bag itself. These jeans could be in gold or silver and heavily resemble necklaces.

These beautiful gold or silver jeans are usually dangling from the handle. One such apple could be seen in Loewe’s squeeze bag, where the gorgeous gold chain is attached to the bag. Another example of such bags could be seen in the term bags that embrace metallic hardware like Louis Vuitton.

Whereas, while having a look at the these kind of bags, one might discover a whole different territory as some bags are not just decorated with decorative gold chains, but instead take the entire game to a different level with their beauty of Chains that resemble not just necklaces but a belt. Such belts could be spotted on the dance floor at Studio 54 back in the 70s.

Envelope Bags 15 Best Clutch Bags 2024

These discreet-looking enveloped clutches are not discreet but instead have become the talk of the town with their minimalistic beauty. This bag is perfect to carry just you. The bag has gained due to its neat and streamlined shape, which looks iconic and perfect with every outfit you plan to wear.

These bags can be found in the Tom Ford collection, and the brand keeps up with the trends every year. From evening dressing to night parties, these beautiful slim clutches go with every outfit in every event. It can be said that there is nothing chicer than these slim Line clutches.

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The Day clutchDay clutch. How to carry your things in the most nonchalant way. – Irmas World

Now, carrying your make-up pack and laptop under one arm has become a desirable look in the spring/summer 2024 runways. The stand could be spotted at Ferragamo, The Row and Tod’s. As in this show, bags can be seen every day, and these bags are hopped into the elbows.

Moreover, and hopping on the strength, remember that it is not about the bag as much as it is about the way you hold it, as the entire bag is under one arm only. However, chiropractors might not appreciate this practice much, but the look feels like a statement on its own.

Round bagsRound Bags | Recycled & Repurposed Materials | ROKA London

We saw this trend of spare bags last autumn and winter in 2023. The streaming trend has hopped into the spring/summer trend of 2024. Adding to these spherical bags, the new bags come with a scooped shoulder bag. These bags can be seen in Isabel Marant and Hermes’ collections.

If you are looking for more compact circles to go with your outfit, you can find them in the Ralph Lauren collection or even in the Louis Vuitton collection. These round bags are also quite versatile, as they come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles.

More than giving it the look of a bag, it feels like an accessory on its own and could be carried with both casual and Bohemian designs. Furthermore, their unique shape is an element of work and playfulness to any outfit. This bag, even with its minimalistic look, makes sure to give the highlight of the evening.

The Giant bag7 celebrity-approved, spaciously stylish tote bags to invest in

The fashion industry trends are usually known for their minimalistic introductions and how, but this trend has taken the fashion world by storm. These bags are known for their oversized proportions and are helpful in making a bold fashion statement. This season, these bags have become a reflection of the extreme and totally opposite of those micro bags that were mentioned earlier in the list. Some high-end brands where you could find these bags are Row, Prada, Victoria, Beckham, and Ferragamo.

While hopping on the trend, make sure to remember that it makes the bag and the overall look feel even better when the whole bag is kept under your arm. While buying one for yourself, you could put emphasis on their practicality as there would be ample space for getting a multitude of items.  It is also ideal for individuals who stay busy with their work as it could be the tote that is used to carry their work essentials.

These bags are fashion-forward, elevate your style, and help you embrace the trend as well. Furthermore, one should not let the giant size of these bags. Fool you as these are super comfortable to carry. Especially the white straps and handles make it easy to rest with the weight quickly, and hence, they are more convenient and comfortable to carry on a regular basis.

Bag with Pockets and CompartmentsBag Leather Vintage Shoulder Purse Crossbody Brown Tote Large Brown Handbag New | eBay

Handbags that come with a lot of pockets and compartments/hiding places have been the trend this summer/spring 2024. You can find these bags in Fendi, Simone Rocha, and Philip Lim’s collection collection. These bags are usually exercised with thin straps and multiple compartments. This has successfully merged these bags’ fashion functionality, prioritising aesthetics and practicality.

The designers have incorporated many pockets and compartments. Therefore, these bags make it easy to store a lot of items. Classification makes it easy to store many items at once. However, when storing your keys, make sure to store them in another pocket as it might be hard to locate them. Each compartment of this bag is usually designated for particular items that could be accommodated easily.

Woven BagsA Woven Bag Edit: Shop This Season's Statement Pieces

Women’s woven bags have become a trend this summer/spring 2024, but these bags have been prominent as winter accessories for years. However, the theme is new in the summer collection of 2024. This team is quite hostile as it consists of many bags. These bags, from structured bags to basket bags, have two dots with a Rolex structure. These bags carry a loosely knit structure. Woven bags are made by hand and show off detailed skills and skill in making things.

Their handcrafted nature makes each bag unique and attractive to those who value old ways of making things and the charm of handmade products. Many woven work bags are created from items found in nature, like straw, rattan, bamboo, and jute. These items give a simple, natural look and meet the increasing need for sustainable and earth-friendly fashion options.

Final Thoughts

As we have come to an end of the bag trends this Spring/summer 2024, make sure to hop on these trends. Some of the brands that have been staples in keeping up with the trends, and you can get these bags from brands such as Chanel, Moschino, Versace, Staud, Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Simone Rocha.

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