Unveiling ‘A Heritage In Bloom’: The Ultimate Symbol of Luxury

July 2, 2024
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A heritage in Bloom

Everything You Need To Know About ‘A Heritage In Bloom’

A heritage in Bloom, the name reflects the true nature of this bloomingly stunning necklace. This necklace carries over a thousand diamonds and some of the most precious stones. Therefore, we have listed here everything that you need to know about this mesmerising necklace. It will brief you about who made it, why they made it, and everything else that proved to be helpful in making it. This necklace stands today as a symbol of heritage, luxury, and artistic brilliance.

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Who is Wallace Chan, The Maker of ‘A Heritage in Bloom’?Wallace Chan

The ‘A Heritage in Bloom’, has been designed and made by Wallace Chan. Wallace Chain is a well-known jewellery creator that is popular across the globe. He is famous for his creations, not just jewellery but many sculptures. He is the first Chinese jeweller who contributed to the British Museum’s permanent collection. He tells in an interview that Dr Cheng Kar Shun, who is the chairman of Chow Tai Fook visited him and elaborated his views on the jewellery.

One of his most significant innovations includes The Wallace Cut technique, which is an illusionary three-dimensional carving technique. It was invented in 1987. The years 2021 and 2022 were marked by some of the most significant changes and importance in his life, as it was during these two years, he started getting recognition more than ever due to his sculptures and techniques.

Highlights of a Heritage in BloomA Heritage in Bloom

From the colours to the contract of this piece of jewellery, everything about this necklace is extraordinary. It can be worn in 27 different variations, making each one look phenomenal. A Heritage in Bloom features one of the rarest and largest rough diamonds in the world. This beautiful jewellery has 11,551 diamonds.

The weight of this jewellery is 383.3 Carat. Other than these numerous precious diamonds, it also contains many precious rocks. The neckpiece consists of a total of over 500 Pink diamonds, hundreds of green jadeite and a thousand colourless diamonds. It is one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery and has been priced at $200 Million.

The jewellery is the reflection of two different cultures that have been put together by Wallace Chan. The design incorporates traditional Chinese motifs and symbolism, reflecting themes of eternity, harmony, and prosperity. It took a total of 47,000 hours to create this beautiful neckpiece. It was done by Mr Chan with the help of 22 working craftsmen.

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Cullinan Heritage cut Diamond- The CentrepieceA Heritage In Bloom Diamond Necklace Wallace Chan The, 51% OFF

Cullinan Heritage cut Diamond sits beautifully as the centrepiece of the necklace. It is a 507-carat diamond that looks magnificent. It is a Type II rough diamond; it is believed that this amount is entirely devoid of any kind of impurities.

It is the largest diamond in the necklace and has possibly the highest cut grade, a ‘3-Excellent’ brilliant cut. The 3-Excellent refers to the excellent cut, excellent polish, and excellent symmetry, which is a scale that is used to measure the features and the flawlessness of the diamond.

One lesser-known fact about this diamond is that it stays in headlines and controversy every now and then for its rich heritage. It was found in South Africa in 1096, as per Reuters. It was later supposed to be a part of their heritage and culture, but it later became a part of A Heritage in Bloom.

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