A Look At The Ambani Family Jewellery Collection: 5 Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces Spotted

June 27, 2024
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Expensive Ambani Jewelery

Do you know about the stunning and expensive pieces of jewellery that are a part of the Ambani Family Jewellery collection? If not, we are here for you. This article features the most expensive and popular jewellery pieces that have been worn by the well-known and one of the wealthiest families in the world, the Ambani family. Here, we will talk about the top five pieces of jewellery that have been spotted among the members of the Ambani Family.

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Top Five of Ambani Family Jewellery Collection 

Mirror of Paradise Ring

Estimated Value: $6.5 Million/ INR 54,26,14,729 

This ring is known by the name, ‘Mirror of paradise’, this beautiful and rare piece of jewellery was worn by Nita Ambani. This ring was said to be auctioned at Christie’s auction in the year 2019. This beautiful ring has a price tag of $6.5 Million, according to their website. It has been said that this ring dates back to the 1800s. This diamond weighs 52.58 Carat.

It has been said that it belongs to the Mughal Empire collection. This collection has been titled ‘Maharajas and Mughal magnificence’ and is a part of the Golconda diamond. The Golconda diamonds represent the highest quality of diamonds and are known for their natural purity.

To understand its richness, one can take the example of the famous Hope Diamond which is also an example of this kind of diamond. Nita Ambani was primarily seen flaunting this beautiful Baguette cut diamond at the launch of Nita Mukesh Ambani Culture Centre, which was launched in the year 2023.

The Incomparable Diamond Necklace

Estimated Value: $55 Million/ INR 45,10,00,000

This L’Incomparable necklace/ the ‘Incomparable’ necklace was once famous and celebrated for setting a world record. It set the world record 11 years ago with a price tag of a whopping $55 Million. Later, it became even more popular when Nita Ambani was seen presenting her daughter-in-law with this same necklace as a wedding gift. This necklace carries a flawless yellow stone that weighs 407 Carat.

This was crafted by a Lebanese Jeweller Mouawad and is known for its achievement of being in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the ‘World’s most valuable necklace’. Moreover, this record was due to the enormous diamond this necklace carries, which is also the largest diamond in the world. Nita Ambani welcomed her daughter-in-law with this beautiful and extravagant gift that was worth INR 451 Crore and adorned with 91 gorgeous diamonds.

Nita Ambani’s Emerald Diamond Necklace

Estimated Value: Approximately $4792.12 Million/ INR 40,00,00,000

It was on Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s big day of pre-wedding celebration when Nita Ambani paired this beautiful Emerald studded Diamond, a few stunning pendants and matching earrings along with bangles and rings that were paired beautifully with the flawless necklace.

As could be seen, according to the press journal, the beautiful big Green Diamonds that were added to this necklace had an estimated value of 400 to 500 Crores. This attractive and huge necklace became the talk of the town due to the precious gemstone. It was a show-stopper.

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18K Panthère de Cartier BroochAmbani Family Jewellery collection

Estimated Value: $1,68K / INR 1,40,23,749

This beautiful brooch was gifted by Akash Ambani to Anant Ambani when he got engaged to Radhika Merchant in January 2024. This gorgeous brooch has a set of 51 Sapphires and two beautiful Emeralds. It also has multiple uncut diamonds that are beautifully placed in this group.

Moreover, it also has an Onyx Diamond on the nose. This breathtaking and beautiful brooch has an estimated value of $1,68,000. One of the features of this brooch is that its head can rotate, and the lens can also be used as an individual pendant or ring.

The Diamond Opal Necklace on Radhika MerchantAmbani Family Jewellery collection

One of the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika merchant that took place in the Château de la Croix des Gardes. At that event, Radhika Merchant could be seen wearing a lovely blue dress, but what was about to become the talk of the town was the mesmerising blue necklace that she adorned with the dress.

The stunning necklace was designed by the well-known Lorraine Schwartz. This necklace had an extremely rare blue diamond and was surrounded by many small diamonds. It was later in an interview when Radhika told everyone that this diamond opal necklace had Blue Opal which was Radhika’s birthstone and the other diamonds represented Anant. Therefore, the beautiful Blue necklace was symbolic of their love.

Final Thoughts

We sure have covered these five priceless pieces of Jewellery worn by the members of Ambani Family but there are many more of them that are yet to be talked about. From Met Gala events to Bashing Pre-Wedding celeberations, these beautiful jewellery pieces were a talk of the town for a significant amount of time.

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