Most Expensive Diamonds: A Closer Look at 7 Most Valuable and Luxurious Diamonds

May 8, 2024
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Most expensive diamond

Most Expensive Diamonds: A Closer Look at 7 Most Valuable and Luxurious Diamonds

As Mr Harry Winston, a renowned admirer of Diamonds and crafter of rings featuring some of the most expensive Diamonds, once said, “A good Diamond is a possession to be prized for generations.” the possession of a Diamond is not just a possession but simply a luxury.

The Four Cs rule of diamond cut, colour, clarity, and carat classifies them as higher or lower in the most expensive and luxurious rank. Other than this, there are a few other features, such as the place of origin and the rarity of the diamond, that add millions of dollars to its worth.

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The Sakura DiamondThe Sakura Diamond The Sakura Diamond, 15.81 Carat is the largest Purple-Pink Sakura diamond. It was auctioned in Hong Kong for $ 29.3 Million. The exceptional rarity, enormous size, vivid colours and transparency make it an incredibly fancy and luxurious masterpiece. Being such a big diamond with a purple-pink hue, this diamond captures the hearts of diamond collectors worldwide.


The Orange DiamondThe Orange Diamond

This rare and fancy gemstone is vibrant due to nitrogen’s involvement in its formation. The worth of these diamonds increases with the intensity of the orange colours as they add more value. Therefore, while buying one of these, make sure you buy from trusted places that certify their diamonds and avoid ones that don’t give clear information about where their colour comes from. 

The price of this diamond that has made on the list of most expensive diamonds is $35.5 million.


The Princie Diamond

The Princie Diamond is a famous pink diamond with a rich history and royal heritage. This diamond gets its name from 18th century Prince, Princie of Hyderabad, who was said to be the owner of it then. However, this diamond was sold at an auction in 2013 for $39.3 million and stands to be one of the most expensive diamonds ever sold because of its beauty, rarity, and history.


Lesotho Legend

Lesotho Legend, a 910 Carat diamond that is the fifth largest diamond in the world and has been sold for $40 million. Famous for its exceptional weight, the features that made it extraordinary were its dimensions, an extremely rare chemical composition and perfect crystallisation.


The Graff Pink Diamond

This famous gemstone is known for its rare pink colour and exceptional clarity. The diamond weighs around 24.78 grams and is known as one of the most beautiful pink diamonds in the world. Earlier, it was owned by a renowned jeweller, Harry Winston, and later, it was chaired by a British jeweller, Laurence Graft. This extremely rare diamond is a testament of luxury and sophistication to diamond collectors. This diamond is currently priced at $46.2 million.


The Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond The Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond

This diamond was found in January 2014 and has been one of the most expensive diamonds and crucial since then. The size of this diamond was originally 29.662 carat (later, 12.03) with absolutely no flaw. A most exclusive feature of this diamond is that When exposed to a certain kind of light, the Blue Moon diamond glowed orange-red for about 20 seconds, which amazed researchers and admirers. The price of this diamond is $48.4 million.


The Winston Pink LegacyMost expensive diamonds

This beautiful diamond that weighs 18.96 Carats is a legacy of Mr. Winston as the King of Diamonds. Several features of this diamond make it an exceptionally lavish and rare diamond. The diamond carries remarkable proportions and a breathtaking, beautiful pink hue that makes its admirers fall in love with it. The Winston Pink Diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds and has been priced at  $50.4 million.


Final Thoughts

All the diamonds that have been listed as the list of most expensive diamonds in this article are a true reflection of luxury. If you wish to explore more relevant articles, read Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting The 5 Most Expensive Earrings In The World

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