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Dr. Bikash Sharma IAMA founder

Dr. Bikash Sharma: An Amazing Trailblazer in Education and Philanthropy

September 17, 2023
In the realm of education, management, and philanthropy, one name shines bright: that of Dr. Bikash Sharma. With a career spanning over two and a half decades, Dr. Sharma’s exceptional contributions and remarkable achievements have garnered global recognition. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to promoting education as a fundamental right and making the world a better
Richest person in Iran

Meet The Richest Person In Iran: The eBay Tycoon Defines Success With A Net Worth Of $9.33B

September 24, 2023
The Iranian economy is distinguished by its petroleum, agricultural, and service industries and a significant state presence in manufacturing and financial services. Iran has the world’s second-largest natural gas reserves and the fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves. While remarkably diverse for an oil-exporting country, economic activity and government income have

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