Harmony and Heritage: 10 Best Music Festivals In India 2024

June 30, 2024
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music festivals in India

If you are someone who loves to hear music and groove on the beats, we have curated a list of the top ten music festivals In India that you need to attend this year. These music festivals are filled with some great artists and even better music. Here, you can also engage in art competitions along with exploring some musical and cultural gems.

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Best Music Festivals In India 2024

VH1 Supersonic TakeoverVH1 Supersonic 2019 Pune: Everything you need to know about this year's Supersonic Music Festival in Pune. | GQ India

Location: Pune

VH1 Supersonic is known for the parties that it organises each year. This event features some of the greatest artists from India and across the globe. This VH1 Supersonic event was also organised in 2024 in the month of February.

It was organised in Hyderabad and was a hub for India’s rising EDM. It was known to be organised at Hyderabad’s biggest open-air venue. It had multi-genre music shows and live bands, and the music festival was filled with laughs, with a dance floor entire of growing groups.

Hornbill Music FestivalHornbill music festival - Hornbill Festival - 2024

Location: Nagaland

Hornbill is a music festival that has been taking place for more than two decades. This event is organised by the Department of Tourism and Art and Culture under the Government of Nagaland. It has been a significant way of not just preserving but also presenting their rich culture to everyone.

It is a seven-day event that usually takes place in December of every year. Along with great folklore and modern music, this event also holds many competitions that one can participate in.

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Magnetic FieldsDele Sosimi, Jitwan, Hudson Mohawke To Perform At Magnetic Fields 2023 In December; Check Out First Artist Lineup For The Festival

Location: Rajasthan

This event takes place in the rich hand of Shekhawati, which is located in Rajasthan. This event is organised in the stunning Palace known as Alsisar Mahal. This is a three-day music festival. This festival is usually held in the month of December every year.

Over the span of the decade, this event has gained popularity and the reputation of a grand music festival in India. The aim of this festival is to promote the budding artists and give fresh experience to the new musicians. It gives them a platform to share with some of the most famous artists in India.

Ziro Music FestivalZiro Music Festival 2024 - Dates, Venue, Tickets | Oddessemania

Location: Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is the Greatest Oudoro Music festival in India. This event is three days long and filled with artists and local youth groups. Ziro music festival first started in 2012 and has been organised for more than a decade. One feature of this event that makes it unique is that it offers sustainability along with cultural diversity.

It is set against the beautiful Ziro Valley, where they organise this event with the help of local harvest and locally sourced materials. Along with tourists, this festival is enjoyed by many locals, giving them a platform to promote their art.

Ragasthan Music Festival Add These Music Festivals to Your Rajasthan Itinerary - Tripoto

Location: Jaisalmer

Ragasthan is a three-day music festival. It offers an exciting experience with the beautiful scenery of the Thar desert. This special festival takes place under the sky full of stars. Here, you can also enjoy some authentic Rajasthani cuisine. This festival promotes eco-friendly and sustainable habits.

One feature of this event is that the musical performances are often not released prior as they wish to impress the audience solely with the rich performance rather than drawing them with the help of big names. This feature makes this event unique and authentic for local artists and new budding artists as well.

Mahindra Blues Music FestivalMahindra Blues Festival returns for its 12th edition on February 10 - 11 in 2024

Location: Mumbai

This year, in 2024, Mahindra Blues organised its 12th musical festival. It was organised at the Mehboob Studios in Bandra. It has been more than a decade since the first musical festival of Mahindra Blues was organised, and their crowd is the true testament to the craze of this event.

This event has been known to become a part of the tradition of Bandra that keeps the people there filled with soulfulness and grooving whenever the fest is organised. Here, many famous bands perform along with some new ones, and therefore, this event is often used by many artists to start their musical journey. Moreover, at this event, you can find some delicious mouth-watering food sections that have local favourites as well as international delights.

Storm Music Festival China's STORM festival expands globally for 2017 | DJ Mag

Location: Bangalore

Storm is known to be the most authentic camp-out music festival in India. It creates a vision of oneness, and this attitude isn’t just towards music but the environment and music lovers as well. It is filled with electronic dance music and live act sets that attract the attention of many visitors.

The Storm music festival reflects the true meaning of ‘responsible enjoyment’ and takes it to a whole different level. Here, you will also be able to find unplugged jamming sessions that you enjoy along with the lovely feel of the serene nature of Bangalore.

NH7 WeekenderMusic festivals in India

Location: Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi

NH7 Weekender is a grand music festival that takes place in not just one state but many; it is an annual event that holds many musical and comedy performances. It is listed among the largest South Asian arts festivals. It first started in Pune in 2010. It was soon after that that this event started taking place in different states, and visitors loved it as well.

It was due to this sheer amount of love and support that this event stands today among the topmost ones. Moreover, the title sponsor for NH7 Weekender is Bacardi, making it an even more happening event than any other one.  

Jodhpur RiffWhat's new at Jodhpur RIFF this year | Condé Nast Traveller India

Location: Jodhpur

Apart from EDM and loud performances, if you wish to experience something serene and peaceful, Jodhpur Riff Might be the right place for you. This event has been taking place for the last 16 years. It holds magnificent events in and around the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort.

This is a not-for-profit festival and puts emphasis on positively impacting the lives of the artisans who bless the visitors with the sweet melody of their music. The traditional performers here hail from these regions of Rajasthan and provide an authentic music experience. The chief patron of this event is HH Gaj Singh II and Sir Mick Jagger.

Fireflies Music FestivalStage -- Fireflies Festival of Sacred Music! Bangalore | Flickr

Location: Bangalore

The Fireflies Music Festival is an annual event. It takes place in the Fireflies Ashram near Bangalore, which was also known as Bhoomi Jathre. It takes place in an open-air amphitheatre that is located under a big Banyan tree by a lake. This beautiful scenery makes the event even more soothing.

The evening starts with some iconic musical performances and ends in the morning. One unique feature of this event is that they take up a different theme each year and even revolve around that, such as ‘Peace in Iraq’ and ‘Conserve water’.

Final Thoughts

Other than these musical festivals, there are many more, such as the Kasauli Rhythm music festival, which takes place in Kasauli and the Shiva Squad festival, which takes place amidst the beautiful scenery of Manali; make sure to choose your favourite accordingly and get started on this musical journey.

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