10 Finest Private Islands In The World You Need To Visit This Year

June 22, 2024
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Private islands in the world

Are you looking for private islands in the world to enjoy your summer? If so, we can provide a solution to your confusion. We have curated a list of 10 private islands in the world that are filled with all the facilities that you need. So, let us explore these places one by one and we hope that by the end of this list, you will have your answer.

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A Guide To The Finest Private Islands In The World

The Brando, French PolynesiaThe Brando, Tetiaroa Private Island | Fine Hotels + Resorts | Amex Travel IN

Have you ever heard of an island that is still untouched? Tetiaroa is a beautiful, untouched island in the ocean. It is surrounded by coral reefs. It has a total of 12 small islands that are beautifully peaceful. Each one of the resorts here looks perfectly placed on this private Island.

It is believed that this place and its locals have a deep connection to the land. They are familiar with not just the beauty but also the history and wildlife of this place. The Tetiaroa Society guides tell stories about Polynesian heritage.

There is also heated water here, which is very unlikely. Here, every activity is a part of their culture, such as the musical celebrations to invite the community’s spirits. Furthermore,  everything here is designed to protect the environment.

Song Saa Private Island Resort, CambodiaPrivate islands in the world

Song Saa Private Island Resort is believed to be a great island. It is an intimate place that is filled with love and luxury offerings. It reflects beauty and love to all of its visitors. The villas here are filled with nature. 

This one, like other private islands in the world that have been featured in our list, is based on a sustainable lifestyle. It also maintains sustainability, keeping its beauty untouched. Here, you can enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, spa treatments, yoga, and private dining. 

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Lizard Island, AustraliaResort Map and Directions - Lizard Island Resort

It is the only resort located on 1,013 hectares of a National Park. Lizard Island is on the Great Barrier Reef. It gives a serene and isolated space. Many people who come here admire the beauty of this place due to its scenic beauty and its quiet nature. This private Island comes with 40 rooms, suits and some villas for your choice of accommodation.

There are many other beaches surrounding this one that you can book for your private parties and vacations. Here, they give you a picnic with nature but an overall experience that many come to remember for decades. The service here is welcoming and warm. All the people here are highly professional and have a very welcoming nature.

This place is a proud member of Relais & Châteaux, which is full of the finest hotels and resorts. Even though the place is secluded, it is filled with nature and natural wonders, and this place gives you a glimpse of many wildlife and birds all year round based on the seasons. At last, it is believed that this place has an Indigenous history. When you visit this place, make sure to explore that history and share it with your friends and family.

Six Senses Island, Laamu, MaldivesSix Senses Laamu, Olhuveli Island, Laamu Atoll

The Six Senses Laamu is a five-star resort. It is located in the Laamu Atoll in Southern Maldives. Even after being isolated, this place can be easily accessed by a seaplane flight. The villa here is breathtaking. Here, you get to meet dolphins and just relax beside the Sapphire Sea, which looks beautiful and serene.

There are a number of restaurants in this place that serve mouth-watering delicacies and some exclusive cuisines. The views here will instantly make you feel like you are in heaven. Six Senses Island is filled with locals who are welcoming and ready to help you enjoy local engagements. Moreover, the Maldives Underwater Initiative team is made up of marine biologists and includes guided snorkels and some class time.

It is beneficial for all to gain some insights into the sea world. Furthermore, you can get a certificate when you complete your course and work your way up towards becoming a junior marine biologist. Finally, you can surf with tropic surf, enjoy the sunset and be on a Dolphin cruise, enjoy scuba diving, and take a Finding Nemo Snorkelling Trip at Six Senses Island.

Cayo Espanto, BelizeFile:Cayo Espanto Private Island Resort in Belize.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for a luxurious private island, this is the perfect choice for you. Cayo Espanto is filled with Caribbean waters, and this water surrounds each one of the private villas that you will find here. There are three most popular private islands. These islands are Belize, Cayo Espanto and San Pedro.

This dining option was awarded in 2021 as Belize’s Best Hotel Restaurant by the World Culinary Awards. The chefs working at these restaurants are award winners. The menu consists of many exotic cuisines that are created with fresh ingredients. Here, you can enjoy the private luxury yacht tour. Furthermore, you can visit to relax at the spa in your private space.

Islas Secas, PanamaEco-Luxury Island Resort Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge Opens in Panama

Islas Secas, which is located in Panama, is a combination of multiple ones. The beauty of this Island is believed to be unmatched. It consists of 14 remote islands that are filled with fun and adventure. Unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world is whale watching.

Here, people enjoy marine safaris. One of the features that makes this place stand out in 2024 is that it is still quite treasured and is located at a remote location. It is believed that of 14 islands, 13 of them are still untouched. 

Kisawa, MozambiqueThe future of travel: Mozambique's Kisawa Sanctuary | Evening Standard

Their mission is to provide a combination of wilderness and the well-being of everyone with comfort. Their hospitality is generous and can be crafted as per choice. It is a 300-hectare forest area. It consists of beaches, beauty, and sand dunes located to the south of Benguerra Island. Near this place, there is a National Marine Park that is one of the richest in nature and is still a hidden gem.

It is a true reflection of innovation and tradition. Here, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Made specially for stargazing for all those who like to watch the stars at night. There are multiple villas for accommodation here, and each of them has a two- or three-bedroom, private beach, infinity pool, and an open-air deck. All these features will make sure that you have a fabulous time on this private Island.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon, SeychellesSix Senses Zil Pasyon | SAFARI FRANK | Félicité, Seychelles | Enquire now!

Six Senses Zil Pasyon is known to be an ecological jewel of the region of Seychelles. It is a massive private island. It is covered with Granite rocks that make this place look artistic. It is perfect to spend your summers at.

This IslandIsland believes in restoring island ecology and makes sure that all the species, especially endangered plants and animals, are always protected here and that wildlife returns to the IslandIsland. This Island is believed to be a playground for all adventure enthusiasts. There are chefs who carefully prepare the food for you that tastes delicious and is made with fresh ingredients. Overall, Six Senses Zil Pasyon is an intimate location that is filled with tropical refreshment and comfort. Here, one gets to enjoy and relax comfortably in your private villa.

Mamula Island Hotel, MontenegroThis New Hotel Will Have You Adding Montenegro to Your Summer Travels

Mamula Island is engaged by the beautiful view of the sea and sky. The hotel has 32 rooms with a spa, three restaurants, and four suites, and their suites are divided into four categories: Panoramic rooms and suites, an Adriatic balcony room, and a Junior suite with a view. There are two ways to Iveta Mamola Island. 
The mainland is filled with mountains, and the coastlines are made more beautiful. It was once a prison cam, which was at Tattoo luxury hotel in the majestic Balkan nation of Montenegro.

COMO Laucala IslandFiji Luxury Resort | Private Island | COMO Laucala Island

COMO Laucala Island is known to be an amazing natural paradise in Fiji. It is one of the biggest private islands in the world, and it has private resorts. However, it has a limited number of villas as it only has 25 villas.

Here, you can enjoy your time and space and craft or plan it according to how you enjoy it on your own terms. The most unique feature of this place that stands out is that the resort has its own airstrip for private planes. The website of COMO Laucala Island says that they also maintain flights from the main airport using their own planes.

Each of COMO Laucala Island Residences feels like a private home in itself. The settings are perfect in its own secluded area. You can find them over the water, on hilltops, in the rainforest, or right by the ocean waves. Whatever you wish for, they have it ready for you.

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