Beat The Heat With Scoops of Happiness: 5 Ice Cream Parlours In Delhi Uncovered

May 27, 2024
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As the temperature in Delhi rises about 40 degree Celsius, Ice cream parlours in Delhi have proven to be a perfect solution. These ice cream in Delhi are diverse and more than just places to satisfy a sweet craving. These places are spots where you can find vibrant flavours that have been crafted with innovation to beat the scorching Delhi summer.

From traditional kulfi to exotic gelato flavours, these parlours offer a delightful array of frozen treats to tantalise every palate. Join us as we explore the charming world of ice cream parlours in Delhi, where scoops of happiness await around every corner.

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Five Ice Cream Parlours In Delhi

Nice ice cream, SaketTop 10 Best Ice Cream Parlours in Delhi - My Yellow Plate

The nice ice cream parlour serves the most innovative and exotic flavours of ice cream, unlike any other ice cream parlours in Delhi. The parlour was co-founded in 2012 by Jitender Bhandari, Sanjeev Shah and Raj Bhandari. They have a total of 16 ice cream parlours in more than 86 different cities across India, and they serve 50+ flavours of ice cream. The ice creams served at this spot are made of milk and a hundred per cent natural ingredients. Therefore, you can enjoy them anytime without any guilt.

There are some best-seller flavours, and the most famous flavours include tender coconut, Alphonso mango, and dry fruit overload. On popular demand, a few flavours at this spot are Inspired by the Indian desert: the innovative flavoured ice cream of Gajar ka halwa, Sheer Khurma, Paan, Gulab Jamun, and many more. They use handpicked fruits for their ice cream, which then are carefully and manually selected for production to be turned further into ice cream.

The shelf life of their ice creams is 45 days, so prepare yourself to stock up these frozen delights for this scorching summer heat. It is the go-to spot for all ice cream lovers due to its authentic and natural taste.

Crème Borne, Connaught PlaceCremeborne In CP Serves Black Ice cream | So Delhi

Creme Borne is Delhi’s first dessert outlet and instantly became a popular spot among Delhiites. It introduced innovative and different flavours of ice cream to Indian audiences. The cafe was founded in 2017 in place of the heart of Delhi, and now it has spread all over India, with 35+ locations operational and 20+ upcoming locations. It is known for serving quality ice creams and some unique desserts.

Some of the most famous items at Crème Brone are ice cream Tower, waffles with ice cream, and charcoal ice cream, which isn’t easy to find at any other ice cream parlours in Delhi. It is most popular among students and youth due to its average food cost. The ambience here is cosy and filled with beautifully aesthetic decorations to make it perfect for you to click pictures.

This innovative idea of an ice cream parlour was started by Yash, the co-founder and CEO of Crème Borne. They also serve a great variety of frozen desserts, Sundae waffles, and much more. It is also featured in the top 20 places to visit in Delhi by Zomato, as it is one of the most famous and hyped places in the heart of Delhi. People visit here to find an escape from the rising heat of Delhi in summer because of its different flavours of ice cream and its different creations towards ice cream.

Movenpick, SaketMovenpick Menu, Saket, Delhi- Updated 2023 - Food Menu Card - Justdial

The famous ice cream brand Movenpick has made its debut in New Delhi with the grand opening of its kiosk at Select City Walk, Saket. Established in 1961, Movenpick now has expanded over 300 ice cream parlours across Europe, Asia, and Australia. The unique selling point of Movenpick that makes it famous across the globe is that all its products are made without any artificial additives, flavourings, or colours.

If you are someone who is eager to live out a childhood fantasy of replacing lunch with copious amounts of ice cream, the Mövenpick kiosk is a must-visit place. Each variety was smooth and delicious, with flavours falling into three main categories: chocolaty sweet, milky sweet, and fruity tart.

Haagen DazsHäagen-Dazs Unifies Past and Present with Brand Redesign | Packaging Strategies

Haagen Dazs has been making ice cream since 1960. Let no other ice cream, and the ambition is to create and taste iced tea. Jubin and his bike cruise together first started Haagen Dazs.  They first launched only three ice cream flavours, chocolate, vanilla and coffee, which further grew into many more.

This spot carries a legacy of more than five long decades. It is an American ice cream brand that started in New York and is made with the finest and poorest ingredients. Reuben worked hard to create ice cream that was silky, smooth, and creamy, with flavours that everyone could enjoy.

It was he and his wife, Rose, who worked hard and dedicatedly every day to make Haagen Dazs a huge success. In India, they have been promising a quality frozen treat for the Summers of Delhi. Due to its high-quality ingredients, this ice cream is a bit expensive compared to other different ice creams in the market.

Big Chill CakeryBig Chill Cakery Is Finally Comin' To Cyber Hub | So Delhi

After twenty years of serving food to customers, Big Chill Cakery opened a dedicated cafe of vintage English cakes and pastries. Here, they offer a wide range of cookies, desserts, English cakes, and specially crafted ice creams. The cafe also has lunch options, including tea, salad, sandwiches and wraps.

It first opened in February 2016 in Delhi, Khan market, and it later expanded to Gurgaon and Noida. Some of the most recommended desserts are chocolate cake, banana cheese cake, and mixed berry cheesecake. The Big Chill Cakery in Khan market has a spacious sitting space for people to buy the desert to take away to enjoy at home. The cafe has a similar interior design to that of its other eatery.

With vintage walls and sophisticated sitting areas, just like their main cafe, The Big Chill, they both carry a décor that is beautiful.

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Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey through the delectable world of ice cream parlours in Delhi, one thing is clear: these establishments are more than just places to indulge in frozen delights. They are symbols of creativity, community, and the joy of simple pleasures in the summer of Delhi. Whether you’re enjoying a classic cone with friends or savouring a unique flavour combination solo, these ice cream parlours in Delhi provide a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

So, next time you’re outside your home in the heat of Delhi, be sure to treat yourself to a scoop or two and experience the sweetness that these parlours bring to the vibrant nature of the city.

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