Crafting Dream Weddings: 7 Best Wedding Planners In India For A Perfect Celebration

May 27, 2024
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Wedding planners in India

Wedding Planners In India have proven to be most helpful in navigating the choices and ensuring your special day is nothing short of perfect. The reason for this is that planning a wedding is one of the most significant and cherished moments in a couple’s life, and finding the perfect wedding planner can make a difference in creating a seamless and magical event.

In the country of India, that is as diverse and culturally rich, where weddings are grand celebrations filled with tradition and festivity, the role of a wedding planner becomes even more crucial. To help you, we have curated a list of the seven best wedding planners in India. These professionals are renowned for their creativity, unmatched attention to detail, and the ability to bring your dream wedding to life.

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Seven Wedding Planners In India To Make Your Big Day Memorable

Seven stepsSeven Steps - 70EMG - Wedding Planners | Price & Reviews

Seven Steps is inspired by the customary practice in Hindu weddings, the seven full circles couple take in front of the fire (Agni) in their marriage, popularly known as fire. The couple makes promises as they complete seven circles of steps around the fire, and like that, Seven Steps wedding planners also promise the best service.

Seven steps is one of India’s best wedding and party management agencies. Their wedding planner’s team consists of some of the most talented and creative minds in the country. Seven Steps offers some of the most beautiful places for wedding special events, stunning celebrations, fun parties, and perfect planning.

Seven Steps has recently scored a significant spot by winning two of the most prestigious awards at this year’s EEMAX Awards in the category of ‘best wedding’. This recognition serves as a true reflection of their commitment to providing exceptional and memorable wedding experiences, further enhancing their reputation as industry leaders.

Seven Steps ensures your guests are captivated and entertained with a variety of performances and themes. They collaborate with a wide range of entertainers, including top Bollywood actors and actresses, playback singers, world-famous jazz quartets, and Indian and Western classical orchestras. They offer entertainers and stars to fit every budget, art form, and culture, ensuring there’s something special for every occasion.

WednikshaDreamMakers Event Company - Planner - Kollam City -

Wednishka, based in Mumbai, is an event management company known for creating spectacular weddings. Their years of partnership with Wizcraft, a leading event-planning enterprise, inspire them to reach new heights in wedding planning. Wednishka offers more than decades worth of experience. Here, they offer premium services that turn any event into an extraordinary wedding experience.

Wedniksha has planned weddings worldwide for the past twenty years, earning the trust of their clients through perfect planning and exceptional services that are both flawless in every aspect and efficient for everyone. For those dreaming of a grand Indian wedding, Wedniksha might be the right choice for you as they provide a comprehensive range of services, including venue selection, invitations, technical and production support, entertainment, decor, catering, artist coordination, wedding coordination, digital and social media management, transportation, grooming, and guest management.

Overall, they are there to take care of almost every aspect of your wedding so that you can merely enjoy this special day with your friends and family without any hassle.

Shadi SquadWedding Planners in India

Marriage is a very special occasion in the life of the groom and bride, and it makes this the more special Shadi squad to help you execute things smoothly. While they maintain everything, you can relax and enjoy your day peacefully without any hustle; some of the few members of the court, Saurabh Malhotra, the co-founder; Tina Thavani, the co-founder; Manoj Mitra, co-founder; Shreya Chopra And his hospitality with others.

Shaadi squad have been hired by some of the most celebrated people of the country like Anushka- Virat wedding and the KL Rahul in India, Katrina and Vicky in Ranthambore India, Shivani and Irfan in Khandala, India, Natasha- Varun’s wedding in Alibagh, India, Priyanka-Nick wedding Mumbai in India and many others as well. The company is based out of Mumbai, India.

Here, they also offer people destination weddings with the most appropriate venue for the couple’s choice. They choose the perfect place for their wedding according to the decided theme and what the couple wants. Once that is done, they discuss the budget that the couples are willing to spend on their special day. After that day, they select photographers, video, choreographers, and stylish artists who can help the bride and the groom.

They manage all the booking guest lists and set arrangements for all the people who are invited to the wedding. They look over the food and beverage as well as all the catering-related parts. They arrange top DJs and music systems for weddings. Lastly, they also help with the invitation greetings, post and pre-wedding gifts, invitations to the people, and overall decoration.

Motwane Entertainment & WeddingsInside Scoop: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to Host Two Receptions in Mumbai - WeddingSutra Blog

Featured in Vogue India as one of the best wedding planners in India, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings is based in Mumbai. Motwane Entertainment, a renowned wedding planning service based in Mumbai, offers a comprehensive array of services specially made for every wedding ceremony. They approach each event with a unique blend of luxury and creativity, ensuring that every occasion is crafted perfectly with the theme and executed just like asked by their clients.

Their team, composed of well-equipped, dedicated, and hard-working professionals, offers to provide the finest services and facilities to their guests. They specialise in theme weddings, exotic weddings, palace weddings, destination weddings, and special events; they bring an unmatched skillset and expert knowledge of the field to every project. Their impressive portfolio includes weddings planned in diverse locations such as Jaipur, Goa, Lonavala, and Turkey.

From traditional functions to contemporary celebrations, Motwane Entertainment serves as a one-stop shop for all wedding needs, turning dreams into reality with flawless execution and knowledge. Their specialisations consist of destination and theme weddings, venue management, artist management, catering services, decor arrangements, photography and videography, and guest management, ensuring an unforgettable and luxurious experience for all involved members of the family and friends.

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The wedding design companyThe Wedding Design Company - Price & Reviews | Delhi NCR Decorator

The wedding design company helps people to live their fantasy dream wedding; they have served people for more than 15 years in the same field and have created multiple unforgettable and magical weddings in India as well as internationally. The backstage production has partnered with most of the leading brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Prada.

They offer destination wedding arrangements across India and Internationally, depending on your preference. The top destinations they often offer are Srinagar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Lucknow, New Delhi, NCR; Internationally, they have Thailand, Bali, Italy, USA, Dubai, France, Maldives, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, Italy, and many more.

They have all types of designer studios related to your dream, from floral to cocktail, royal and many more themes according to the client’s ask.  The mastermind of the wedding venue is Vandana Mohan, who founded the Wedding design company in India over three years ago. She is India’s first-ever female to initiate and manage ties with top luxury brands in the world. The Wedding company is based in Delhi, and it is the one-stop solution for all the requirements.

Wed GurusBest Wedding Planner In Delhi NCR Destination Wedding In, 47% OFF

Wed Gurus is a global wedding company. It has a team entire of experienced members and an exceptional team of innovative and creative people together. They provide an unexceptionable team to work together and make people’s dreams come true on their most important day of life. These wedding planners are excellent and skilled in providing and managing all aspects of a wedding, ensuring that every detail is perfectly handled.

Their services encompass arranging music, booking decorators, hiring photographers, coordinating with choreographers, designing invitations, managing catering, and even securing celebrity appearances. All the services here are tailored to meet individual preferences and requirements. They have successfully executed weddings in some of the most exotic locales such as Venice, the UAE, Paris, and numerous Indian cities, including Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and many others.

This trusted agency consists of a team of highly innovative and reliable artists and designers who collaborate seamlessly to create unforgettable wedding experiences. Their reputation for excellence and creativity makes them one of the most sought-after wedding planning services in India and beyond.

The Shaadi VibesWeddingBazaar - India's Largest Wedding Planning Platform

The Shadi Vibes is a professional wedding planner based in Ahmedabad led by a team of experts and innovative people who help to make customised writing plans and execution is one of the best email managers in the company, which works like a family and friends to make your day special it is one of the most upcoming and popular wedding planner companies in Ahmedabad.

They have to plan, prepare, and execute the weddings and customise them according to the preferences and budgets of the clients. They help in vendor management, even from management planning, guest management, hotel bookings, entertainment designing, choreography, transportation, management, food and beverages, wedding stationary, stylish and personal shoppers, on-site support and many more other services that are required at the spot.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right wedding planner is a vital step towards ensuring your wedding day is memorable and stress-free. These Seven wedding planners highlighted in this list are among the best in India, each bringing their uniqueness and expert understanding when planning your special day.

Whether you’re envisioning a traditional ceremony that is filled in cultural rituals or a contemporary celebration with modern aesthetics, these planners can turn your vision into reality. By entrusting your special day to these experts, you can look forward to a beautifully organised event that reflects your love story and personal

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