Epicurean And Extraordinary: Exploring 10 Unique Themed Restaurants In India

May 28, 2024
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Unique themed restaurants in India

Among the many dining options, there are some unique themed restaurants in India that have become a popular trend lately. They have been successful in grabbing the attention of everyone, locally and internationally. These restaurants do more than serve great food as they take their diners into different worlds. These restaurants are filled with creative decorations and unique ideas and serve you the best to offer a unique experience.

Whether you’re eating in a setting that feels like a rainforest or stepping back into the shining days of old Bollywood, Unique themed restaurants in India offer what it takes to have an extraordinary adventure. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique themed restaurants in India where imagination and food come together in the most wonderful ways.

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Your Guide To Ten Unique themed restaurants in India

Kaidi KitchenFood | A lookback chat with owners of Camac Street's prison-themed dining space Kaidi Kitchen - Telegraph India

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a meal as a prisoner? Imagine being a prisoner here at Kaidi restaurant. The theme of this restaurant is based on Prison. As soon as you enter, you will witness several pictures of prisoners and people dressed in prison clothes. The décor in the Kaidi kitchen resembles that of an Indian prison, which is true to its theme.

Here, the restaurant is filled with people in the costumes of Jail wardens and prison inmates. You can pick a cell that you wish to accommodate for your dining and party there and order mouth-watering cuisines that they serve here. The staff here will be dressed like jail wardens and all of them are quite accommodating and knowledgeable.

The menu here covers a number of delicacies from across the nation. It is not just Indian, but it also has a number of choices from international ones, such as Thai and Italian cuisines. Here, you can enjoy a huge variety of mocktails that are freshly crafted by their expert bartenders. Overall, the ambience here is pretty impressive, and so is the taste of the food here is mouth watering delicious.

Bar Stock ExchangeBar Stock Exchange Opens In Thane I LBB, Mumbai

TBSE or The Bar Stock Exchange is an innovative bar concept in India where drink prices fluctuate based on real-time demand, similar to a stock market. Prices start as low as retail and change based on the popularity of each drink. Customers can also use a special app to monitor and order drinks, competing for the best prices. This concept has quickly become popular among locals, expats, as well as tourists due to its unique approach.

The custom at Bar Stock exchange restaurant works differently than usual, as the prices of drinks here fluctuate as the market prices go up or down, and the price fluctuates. The overall ambience of this place is welcoming and perfect for casual outings with your loved ones or office outings as well. They also have an option for indoor and outdoor seating, depending on your preference.

The Black Pearl, BangaloreThemed Buffet Restaurant | Barbecue in Bangalore | Black Pearl

For fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” The Black Pearl in Bangalore is a must-visit dining destination. Named after the iconic ship from the movie, this restaurant offers a unique culinary experience. Not only do the interior and decor reflect the pirate theme, but the food is cleverly named after characters and elements from the film, making it a standout dining spot in Bangalore.

The restaurant managers have meticulously designed various aspects to ensure an authentic pirate ship dining experience. From ropes draped in chains to a one-eyed pirate mannequin at the entrance and wooden flooring, every detail elevates the excitement. The menu items and drinks perfectly align with the pirate theme, featuring names like Captain Parrot and Pirate Fuel.

Additionally, guests can savour delicious seafood, enhancing the overall experience. Visiting The Black Pearl should be on every traveller’s itinerary when in Bangalore.

Taste of Darkness restaurantDining in the Dark

Taste of Darkness restaurant is located in Telangana, Hyderabad. It offers the best buffet meals with a one-of-a-kind theme. Upon entering, you pay and are guided by visually impaired hosts into a completely dark restaurant with no hint of light. The menu is a surprise, and the meal is predetermined. As you enjoy a full-course meal, the guessing game begins.

In this role reversal, the visually impaired become your guides, providing ‘sight’ while you are immersed in a mix of emotions. As you fumble with your utensils, you learn to rely on your other senses, gaining a powerful ‘insight’ into the experiences of the visually impaired.

The darkness and atmosphere create a comforting embrace. For a unique dining adventure, visit Level 5, Inorbit Mall, Madhapur, Hyderabad, where this unique themed restaurant in India is located.

Silver MetroOhri's Silver Metro, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Silver metro restaurant is a paradise for food lovers, offering an all-day buffet with a variety of classic and delicious dishes, from main courses to desserts, at affordable prices. It’s perfect for large groups and provides a memorable dining experience. The ambience of this place is filled with sophisticated decor and offers an extraordinary service that makes it a complete fine dining experience.

The managing director and chairman of Silver Metro Restaurant is Ravi Kumar Ohri, an entrepreneur who marked his beginning in this journey back in 1976 with his first venture, Hotel Basera. The restaurant has all the things one might need, from basic amenities to modern facilities; this place has it all.  Silver Metro Restaurant features a special alcohol menu, valet parking, and accommodations for differently-abled guests.

It accepts all major cards and boasts a notable bar area with screenings of sports and events, all within a fully air-conditioned space. The cuisines include North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese.

Runway 1- DelhiCandlelight Dinner on the Wings of an Airplane at Runway1, Rohini, Delhi | Delhi NCR

This list consists of many unique themed restaurants and cafes, but this one is a little more unique than even these unique restaurants in India. While many of you might have travelled by aeroplane, have you ever visited any restaurants in India that are inside a plane that never takes off?

Taking this interesting concept in mind. In the Adventure Island section of the Metro Walk mall in North-West Delhi, a restaurant called Runway 1 fits this exact description. This aeroplane-themed restaurant in Delhi, Runway 1 is a fascinating place to eat. The whole setup is inside the plane, and customers sit in an air-conditioned space that feels like travelling in a luxury aeroplane.

The food served here is popular with customers and is considered great value for money. The portions, service, and comfort are all highly praised. What makes the experience even better is the wonderful ambience.

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Floating restaurant, Delhi NCRHong Kong Iconic Floating Restaurant Jumbo That Featured In A Bond Movie Just Sank After 50 Years Of Operation

The design of this restaurant was taken from Dubai. The man behind the idea, Nikhil Kumar, has said so himself. He said that his visit to Dubai served as a motivation behind this restaurant to give the people of Delhi a similar experience to the one he had in Dubai.

The construction of this restaurant took longer than any other restaurant in Delhi, a complete two years; in the span of two years, the safety of the customers was ensured at its best to give a world-class experience to all its visitors. Fly Dining operates from 6 PM to 10 PM, offering customers a 40-minute dining experience in the air.

In a nutshell, In Noida, this thrilling experience has become a reality, blending food and adventure seamlessly. Fly Dining in Noida’s Sector 38A is the perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts, offering a unique dining experience high in the sky at 160 feet.

Gufha restaurant, BangaloreGufha, Sankey Road, Bangalore | Zomato

Experience a culinary adventure at Gufha restaurant in The President Hotel, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Unlike typical multi-cuisine places, Gufha offers a unique cave-themed setting and serves Northwest frontier cuisine. Enjoy a variety of Indian, Peshawari, and Afghani dishes that will delight your taste buds and transport you to a culinary paradise.

The rustic cave-like ambience adds a touch of mystery to your meal, and the well-stocked bar provides fine beverages to complement your dining experience. Overall, the experience at this spot is unlike any other usual restaurants in India. 

Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, TrivandrumGo for a romantic dinner at KTDC's floating restaurant this V-Day | Travel News | Manorama English

When it comes to theme restaurants, the Veli Lake floating restaurant takes things to a whole new level. You can dine right on the lake, which is accessed by floating bridges. It’s best to arrive before 3 pm to avoid crowds. Another great thing is that kids will have a blast here. They can play in the children’s park and enjoy rides like toy trains and boats.

Additionally, this place is known for its shakes, coffee, sandwiches, and other snacks. If you come in the evening, be sure to try them and have a good time. The service and atmosphere at the restaurant are fantastic. So, even if you’re not a big fan of food or adventures, give it a try at least once. Dining at this restaurant with a nature theme is truly impressive.

UFO revolving restaurant, MumbaiUnique themed restaurants in India

This restaurant is a true reflection and a perfect example of creativity at its peak.  The restaurant revolves slowly as you munch on your food. The ambience here is filled with serene white and blue light, giving it a beautiful look. The ambience of this place is minimal and imitates the typical UFO like structure like it has been portrayed to everyone since years. 

It features not just fine dining but also a bar that is stocked up with classy and luxury drinks and freshly made cocktails. The must-try dishes here include a brownie sundae, chilli garlic French fries and Brownie sizzler.

Final Thoughts

Each restaurant, with its distinct theme and ambience, offers a glimpse into a different world, making every meal a delightful adventure. Whether you’re a local exploring new dining options or a tourist seeking a memorable experience, these themed restaurants provide an unforgettable blend of creativity and cuisine. So next time you’re looking for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary, step into one of these extraordinary venues and let your senses be transported. Enjoy the magic, the flavours, and the unique charm that only Unique themed restaurants in India can offer.

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