Trendy Cafés In Delhi: 7 Spots That Are Best At Brewing Brilliance

May 19, 2024
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Cafes in Delhi

Cafes in Delhi are a true reflection of Delhi’s evergreen obsession with Coffee and Café culture. These cafes in Delhi offer a combination of charm that is scattered throughout the city. Delhi’s coffee shops offer a diverse range of experiences for caffeine enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking a cosy spot for quiet contemplation, a lively ambience for catching up with friends, or simply a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, Delhi’s coffee scene suits every taste and mood. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best Cafes in Delhi for you to enjoy. 

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Here are The Top 7 Must Visit Cafes in Delhi 

United Coffee HouseBest cafes in Delhi Enjoy the coffee at this old heritage restaurant. If you enjoy the cosy, vintage, rustic vibe feel of old places, you’ll love it here. United Coffee House was established in 1942 and has a strong culinary history. This cafe is listed as one of the best cafes in Delhi due to its rich history that revolves around the city as well as coffee lovers.

This cafe is located in Connaught Place, Delhi. United Coffee House offers a stunning view of Central Park, making it a lovely choice for visitors. They also serve some of the best Chinese and Indian delicacies.Moreover, United Coffee House also serves some of the most exclusive Indian wines, cordial, and draft beer.

The cosy atmosphere at this place makes it a great spot to hang out with friends. The staff here is friendly, and they provide excellent service. Despite the changing landscape of Connaught Place and the emergence of new eateries, United Coffee House continues to stand as a beloved institution.

Café DoriCafes in Delhi Cafe Dori is a delightful pan-European café. The idea behind the establishment of this cafe is inspired from French, English, and European cuisines. The feature that sets it apart from other cafes in Delhi is its pet-friendly atmosphere, as pet- friendly cafes are rare to find. This place comes with a separate menu catering to our furry friends, ensuring a cheerful environment for everyone. Here, you can indulge in an exclusive selection of coffee and desserts, perfect for coffee as well as dessert lovers.

This cafe is located in Chattarpur, Dhan Mill, Delhi. At last, the ambiance of this place is a one of a kind as this café has a majestic British theme. It offers a charming ambience that makes it an ideal spot for breakfast or a quick cup of coffee. Here, you will experience the warmth and charm of Cafe Dori, many people that visit here have said that this is a place you’ll always remember fondly.

Blue Tokai Coffee RoastersBlue Tokai, an Indian coffee chain that has rapidly expanded across cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur, and Delhi NCR, with an overall score of 13 outlets. Founded by a Delhi-based couple, it aims to transform India’s tea-loving culture into coffee connoisseurs. The name “Blue Tokai” derives from the South Indian term for the tail of a peacock,tokai.

They specialize in preparing a variety of coffee drinks, from cortado to cappuccino, using the freshest coffee beans sourced from different estates. Additionally, they offer these beans for sale, allowing customers to brew authentic coffee at home. Blue Tokai’s mission is to elevate the coffee experience and culture across India.

Café Tesu

Cafe Tesu is situated in Essex Farms, one of Delhi’s most prestigious areas. This cafe chain was first established there and has expanded since then. It includes multiple outlets across Delhi NCR, including Hauz Khas, Kalu Sarai, DLF Avenue, and Saket. Renowned for its mouth watering breakfast offerings and a wide range of tempting desserts.

Cafe Tesu was first opened in 2017 at Essex Farms, and was quick to gain overwhelming demand and unparalleled success in a short span. Here, as soon as you step inside, you will experience the inviting ambience. The ambience here is characterized by warm and welcoming interiors adorned with a two-colour palette that gives it a beautiful look. This combination ensures a luxurious look to the cafe that is unlike any other cafes in Delhi. Cafe Tesu is also seen as one of the best cafes for couples. 

The Brew Roombest cafes in Delhi

The Brew Room café offers a delightful fusion of aromatic brews with a cosy ambience. This spot, like other best cafes in Delhi has a welcoming atmosphere and a delicious menu filled with gourmet delight that you can enjoy with your choice of coffee. It first started originally in Chennai and due to its quick popularity, The Brew Room has expanded to New Delhi. It’s first outlet in Delhi is located at SDA Market, New Delhi

Featuring teal and white walls, faux green decor, and vibrant wall graffiti. At The Bre Room, tea lovers aren’t left out, as it offers a wide range of variety with options like Vanilla Black Tea and Chilli Chai. This cute combination makes it one of the best cafes in Delhi for couples. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or love to read, this place promises a sensory journey like no other. 

Ivy and Bean

Ivy and Bean cafe is a spot in delhi known as one of the best cafes in Delhi. It that has a vibe of a charming cottage adorned with rustic theme. Whether you prefer the cosy indoors or the refreshing outdoors, they offer both seating options and you have a choice to select one as per your preferences. The menu here features a number of English and Italian breakfast options, that many come to enjoy and appreciate.

For Bookwarms, they’ve also curated special sections just to give yourself a treat and spend time with your favourite reads. Here, you can also contribute to their literary collection by donating your old novels or borrowing books for a delightful reading experience all at one place.

Ivy and Beans cafe is situated in the well known neighbourhood of Hauz Khas in South Delhi. In a nutshell, this cafe invites you into a warm and cozy spot to relax amidst beautiful fairy lights that are beautifully placed  to adorn both the indoor and outdoor spaces, and creating a magical ambience for everyone to enjoy.

Diggin café Diggin cafe has its multiple outlets that are spread across Delhi. Some of the most popular outlets of this cafe are located it Anand Lok, Chanakyapuri, and Connaught Place. Diggin Cafe stands out as one of the best cafes in Delhi with most stunning views and is also a Instagram-worthy cafes.

Specializing in Italian cuisine, it’s a perfect spot for food enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find a number of floral decorations beautifying the indoor and outdoor dining areas. It creates an ambience perfect for capturing memorable moments at this cafe, perfect choice among cafes for couples in Delhi.

One of the most popular and widely appreciated feature of this cafe is that it is a pet-friendly spot. So, if you are planning to come here, don’t forget to bring along your furry family member for a delightful outing in a safe and enjoyable environment. Here, you can enjoy their signature woodfire baked pizzas and refreshing cold coffees.

Additionally, you will often find this cafe celebrating special occasions by decorating it according to the theme, that adds more excitement to your experience at this cafe. Whether it’s a romantic first date, a lively gathering with friends, or quality family time, Diggin Cafe promises an unforgettable experience for all. 

Final Thoughts

From artisanal brews to mouth watering desserts, these cafes provide a delightful culinary experience that reflects the city’s diverse flavours and a variety of cuisines. Some of these cafes are also pet friendly and you can enjoy time without excluding your furry friends. So, the next time you’re in Delhi, be sure to visit these charming coffee spots and indulge in a cup of aromatic coffee in the vibrant city of Delhi.

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