Cafes In Aerocity: Discovering 7 Best Hotspots In Aerocity, Delhi

May 18, 2024
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Cafes in Aerocity

Cafes in Aerocity are known for their luxury and top-class delights, from their beautifully crafted exceptional menu to their ambiance that gives a hint of luxury; everything about these cafes feels simply divine and unlike any other café in Delhi. These cafes are a place where the fusion of tastes from multiple nations comes together to serve you nothing but the best and present a blend of flavours from all over the globe.

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Here’s A List Of Seven Must- Visit Cafes In Aerocity 

Daryaganj Restaurant Daryaganj - By The Inventors Of Butter Chicken And Dal Makhani, Tagore Garden, New Delhi | Zomato

Daryaganj restaurant is famous and the first inventor of mouth-watering delicacies such as Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani. The place is well-known among locals as well as visitors for its authentic and delicious north Indian cuisine. Daryaganj restaurant believes in providing the best quality food that you can enjoy along with the best music.

Here, the environment is always filled with the aroma of some of the most significant spices. The restaurant has a theme of five sense dining by Daryaganj, in which they have included the importance of the five senses to have a perfect taste of tea. Their tea is said to be a treat for the five senses of a person —the sense of touch, the sense of smell and the sense of sound. The restaurant believes in providing the best quality food along with the best music, and the environment of that restaurant has an aroma in it.

They have multiple outlets across Delhi NCR, like Connaught Place, Aerocity, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, Noida and Gurgaon. The restaurant has a separate section for their most famous dessert: kulfi, the creamiest malai rose kulfi filled with pistachios and kesar, which tastes like heaven post-meal. The restaurant has received many awards and media recognition from world-famous chefs and food critics.

Bizou BizouBizou-Bizou, Aerocity, New Delhi | Zomato

Bizou Bizou restaurant is located in Aerocity, Delhi. This cafe provides fresh cuisine with a modern twist. Priyank Sukhija founded the Bizou Bizou cafe. The highlight of this restaurant, which makes it one of the best restaurants in Delhi, is its explicit bar area, which is open to all alcohol lovers. Here, you can choose from your favourite drink and enjoy it while munching on your favourite food from the wide variety of food on the menu.

The drinks here are crafted to perfection, and the global cuisines featured at this café will make you explore the world in just one sound bite. The cafe interior of this restaurant is influenced by a rustic and bohemian theme, which gives it a warm vibe that many come to appreciate. Overall, the ambience of this place can be seen as a combination of industrial design with a hint of luxury. T

his ambience is further enhanced with the help of an outdoor space where people can grab food and drinks. Here, you can also find live performances and celebrations with live music. The cafe is also famous for its Asian flavour. You must try cuisines here that are recommended by their regular visitors, such as mushroom, cheese baguette, platters.

Plum cafeHead over to Plum by Bent Chair in Delhi for a one-of-a-kind experience | Architectural Digest India

First opened in in 2023 at Connaught Place in central Delhi, this café offers a unique culinary experience.  Plum coffee and cocktails are owned and carefully established by Priyank Sukhija. The restaurant guarantees a memorable dining outing with an inviting atmosphere and a diverse menu spanning various cuisines.

Plum incredibly blends delicious cuisines and freshly made, tempting cocktails. Here, you will get quality coffees that will give you a harmonious fusion of flavours and aesthetics. For those seeking a unique and satisfying dining experience, Plum is a must-visit destination. Here, you will witness a true reflection of innovation with their fresh blends.

The menu here features a variety of flavours and cuisines from across the globe, especially Pan-Asian Cuisine. The dining setup here offers an elegant and luxurious dining experience that is unlike any other café. The aesthetic ambience of this place is filled with vibrant colours, unique patterns and some of the cutest elements that contribute to making it a popular spot among Delhiites and people from other places alike.

Qavalli restaurant Qavalli, an old-world Culinary Journey launched at Aerocity, New Delhi - HospiBuz

Qavalli restaurant is a luxurious sufi restaurant located at WorldMark atrocity. It is one of the most famous and beautiful restaurants in Delhi. The place is filled with chandeliers, red-themed bricks, and dim lighting, which makes it look like a Mugalai delight. The delightful menu at Qavalli restaurant has been carefully crafted by the renowned chef Siraj.

They organise Qavalli night every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Along with its ambience and food, this place is also popular among its visitors for its excellent service. Qavalli has a hint of luxury and, therefore, is more expensive than other restaurants in Delhi due to its royal empire-looking place, which is unlike any other spot.

They serve Mughlai cuisine, including grilled tikkas, kababs, biryani, chicken curry and much more. Must-haves at this place include Galavati Kebab, which will remind you of the lanes of Old Delhi. Overall, it is the best restaurant if you want to enjoy your night listening to soulful Sufi songs and qawali, along with mouth-watering Mughali food.

Kampai cafeNew Delhi: This restaurant brings a slice of Japan to the capital | Architectural Digest India

The name of this café is as interesting as the concept behind the beauty of this café. Kampai, which translates to ’empty cup’ in English, is the Japanese way of saying ‘Cheers!‘ This restaurant, true to its name, is unique and exciting. Its Japanese-inspired seating arrangements and sophisticated décor make it a perfect place for all the people who enjoy and love to have Japanese food.

While being here, the ambience of this place will make you feel that you are at the ‘Land of the Rising Sun‘. The most famous delicacy on their menu is their sushi, which is said to be the best of all and, therefore, a must-try. If you are a fan of the sitcom ‘Friends‘, you might already be aware of the word and might chuckle at the mention of Unagi sushi, but it is a highly recommended item on their diverse menu.

Make sure to try it along with their flavorful Tofu and their famous Misu soup. Kampai offers a uniquely different fine-dining setup, so make sure to try as many as you can to explore a variety of tastes. In a nutshell, if you’re seeking a serene atmosphere and a change from your own food, try unique Japanese cuisines at this establishment, as it might be the perfect choice for you.

One commune Cafe One8 Commune: A First Look At Virat Kohli's New Restaurant in Delhi | GQ India

One commune cafe in the Worldmark Aerocity, is a 5-star rated dining restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean, continental, and Asian cuisines that are made especially unlike any other restaurant in Delhi. The restaurant has a variety of non-vegetarian dishes, but keeping in mind everyone, they also have a number of beautiful vegan options that everyone can enjoy.

The One Commune cafe was started by a well-known and one of the most popular Ex-captains of the Indian cricket team and the ex-captain of the team Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli. He started the cafe, and Chef Pawan Bist designed the menu. The popularity of this café can be seen throughout the nation as it has outlets across India, Delhi, North Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Pune.

It’s a great place to enjoy with your friends and family. The ambience here is peaceful, and they also have an outside sitting dining area where you can enjoy your favourite food along with the best live music. Lastly, the luxury of this place is reflected well in the articles that are published, which show appreciation for the One Commune restaurant in Delhi.

NUA cafeNUA Cafe,

Nua Cafe in Aerocity is definitely a five-star-worthy place. Nua cafe was first opened on 19 February 2021 in Worldmark three, Aerocity. This place offers a lovely serene ambience and peaceful dining area in both outside and inside settings. It is known for the delicious food served here, along with a variety of cuisines to choose from.

The menu here also has a number of options for those who like to drink occasionally and wish to enjoy a special drink with their food. The cuisines at Nua Cafe include Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, and the food is freshly prepared by some of the most skilful chefs; as per the reviews available online given by their regular visitors, the most famous foods are sushi fries and pizzas.

The place offers a very beautiful outside sitting area with live music. The cafe is the best place to have a lovely evening with your friends and family and have a good quality time. Here, you can go for a late-night dinner with your loved ones as it’s open till 1 AM at night. However, seating here is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to book your tables in advance.

Final Thoughts

From fancy restaurants with fancy food to cosy cafes with familiar favourites, cafes in Aerocity have something for everyone. Explore with us as we learn about the food, the chefs, and the cultures behind each dish. Whether you’re a regular already who is just curious or a traveller who is looking for some of the most mouth-watering food to enjoy with their loved ones, there’s something special to enjoy for everyone.

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