Multi-Millionaire Mona Patel’s Stunning Met Gala 2024 Outfit Steals Spotlight

May 12, 2024
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Mona Patel Met Gala Look 2024

A name that has become the talk of the town, Mona Patel, a CEO who nailed the Met Gala 2024 theme. But do you know the CEO who made everyone’s jaw drop on Red Carpet is also a billionaire with an interesting backstory? This might be perfect for you if you want to know who Mona Patel is and everything else about her Met Gala 2024 look. Let’s look into it.

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Everything you need to know about Mona Patel and her Debut 

Early life and success story of Mona PatelMona Patel Met Gala 2024 Look Born in Gujrat, India, she wanted to move outside India and create a life for herself from a young age. She completed her graduation from Rutgers University, New Jersey. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has had a fascinating entrepreneurial journey. Soon after that, she moved to Dallas at the age of 22. Her journey into the entrepreneurial world began in 2006 and has been booming ever since.

She established her first business in 2006, and soon after that, she was quick to establish a number of eight companies that varied across multiple sectors. Most of these sectors involve healthcare and real estate, and a few of them are related to technology. Currently, her business venture has over 100 employees across all companies across the globe. However, one feature that strikes me the most is that all these ventures collectively have generated a whopping $100 million dollar value so far and keep increasing.

She is known for her business skills and for starting radXai and CareFirst Imaging. Forbes included her in their list of top 100 people. In 2021, she finished a particular course at Stanford University, and the following year, she studied more at Harvard Business School. She also went to MIT Sloan School of Management.

Finally, many have come to appreciate the contribution of Mona Patel to the Couture for Cause. It is a non-profit organisation that has helped merge her passion and her profession. A fusion of both fashion and philanthropy can be seen in this, which helps serve the cause.

Everything about Mona Patel’s Met Gala LookMona Patel Met Gala Met Gala 2024 marked the debut of Mona Patel, a renowned CEO and multi-millionaire. As we have discussed her personal life and achievements already, let’s have a look at the highlights of her outfit on the Red Carpet. Famous Dutch designer Iris Van Harper designed the masterpiece dress worn by Mona Patel and styled by a celebrity stylist, Law Roach.

The theme of Met Gala 2024, ‘The Garden of Time’, was carefully embodied in This masterpiece dress. This nude colour was floor-length and adorned with several life-sized mechanical butterflies. This dress also featured a beautiful golden-sized kinetic butterfly corset top with a scalloped train that aligned perfectly with the Met Gala’s theme. Everything about her look was exceptional, from the intricate mechanics to the dedication she reflected in her dress.  

Adding to the overall look were winged arm cuffs crafted by Casey Curran, which bore a resemblance to a delicate flutter of butterflies gracefully descending down Patel’s arms. These intricate adornments served to enhance the theme and also introduced a sense of fluidity and motion as she made her way across the red carpet.

According to Vogue India, she said in an interview that she wanted her debut to be a perfect blend of her heritage and her love for her couture, and that is why the theme of Met Gala 2024 seemed an ideal opportunity for her. They spent months planning, and Patel let Vogue magazine see how they made her outfit perfect. In March, Roach went to India to get everything they needed for her unique Iris Van Herpen dress.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the dedication and hard work of Mona Patel have landed her an opportunity to work at the Met Gala with the mix of personal as well as professional growth by showcasing her love for passion and decision to stay loyal to her profession as well.

If you want to get a glimpse of her Red Carpet look from Met Gala 2024, you can do so through her Instagram account, @hautemona, where she has posted a few sneak peeks of her stunning look straight from Red Carpet.

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