From Silver Screen To Silver Spoon: Best 7 Celebrity Owned Restaurants In Delhi

May 28, 2024
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celebrity owned restaurants in Delhi

Celebrity owned restaurants in Delhi are where fame meets great food. These places aren’t just for eating; they’re a way for stars to share their passions and personalities. Many celebrities, from actors and sports stars to musicians, are opening their own restaurants, adding their unique touch to the dining experience.

This trend lets fans get closer to their favourite stars while enjoying delicious and creative dishes. Let’s dive into the world of celebrity-owned restaurants, where the charm of stardom blends with culinary excellence.

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Inside Seven Celebrity Owned Restaurants In Delhi

Pincode by Chef Kunal Kapur Chef Kunal Kapur's restaurant venture, PINCODE, debuts in Delhi, ET HospitalityWorld

Pincode restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Delhi and is owned by a celebrity chef, Kunal Kapur. If you have watched one of the most iconic television reality shows, ‘The MasterChef India’, you might already know this name. The restaurant is known for their famous tagline, “grahako ki santushti hi humara Lakshya hai”, which loosely translates to ‘customer satisfaction is our goal’. This tagline itself is a true reflection of their hospitality.

This restaurant is inspired by all the Indian Kitchens, and the food here carries a feeling of that of a typical Indian household as it is prepared with local ingredients and filled with love. With their carefully curated menu, they pay homage to Indian households, especially Indian Kitchens, where the food becomes a melting pot of favours from across the nation and reflects a collective culinary experience.

It has been showcased on their website that the story behind the establishment of this kitchen dates back several decades. Back then, the recipes used to carry a touch of authenticity and were treasured like a true luxury. Overall, from North to South of India, the menu here carries the essence of each and every state in India. Chef Kunal Kapur has poured his decade’s worth of dedication and hard work into this restaurant, and you will be able to feel so.

Garam Dharam Dhaba Dharmendra to open his first 'Garam Dharam' outlet

Garam Dharam Dhaba is India’s only Dhaba, which was opened by the well-known and one of the most loved actor Dharmendra. It has the concept of a village and tents, and Dhaba is full of a number of Bollywood movie Posters. The place also features the bike from the movie Sholay of Dharmendra. Here, the restaurant serves Indian, Chinese, and South Indian beverages.

The restaurant has a capacity to accommodate over 1200 people sitting at once. The restaurant is open in different locations like Mohan Nagar, Noida Sector 66, Noida Sector 62, Chandigarh, and Mohali Sector 74. Even though the restaurant was established by Mickey Mehta, the Garam Dharam in Haryana was actually inaugurated by actor Dharmendra, the founder of the restaurant.

The restaurant was established based on the theme of Bollywood actor Dharmendra and for all their fan across the world. The interior and walls are decorated with his pictures and paintings, and the menu here features a wide variety of food for everyone as the speciality of the restaurant is both veg and non-veg. They have separate cocktail and sprite menus. Lastly, when visiting the restaurant, make sure to try the unique drinks that are served here at Garam Dharam Dhaba.

One communeInside One8 Commune: Virat Kohlis Newest Restaurant In Delhi - NDTV Food

One Commune Cafe, located in Worldmark Aerocity, is a 5-star rated dining establishment known for its delectable Mediterranean, continental, and Asian cuisines, prepared in a unique style unmatched by any other restaurant in Delhi. While the menu includes a variety of non-vegetarian dishes, it also features numerous exquisite vegan options to cater to all preferences.

Founded by Virat Kohli, the renowned former captain of the Indian cricket team and also of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the cafe’s menu is crafted by Chef Pawan Bist. The popularity of One Commune Cafe is evident nationwide, with outlets in Delhi, North Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Pune.This cafe is an ideal spot for enjoying time with friends and family.

It offers a peaceful ambience, complemented by an outdoor seating area where guests can relish their favourite dishes while enjoying live music. The luxurious nature of One Commune Cafe is frequently highlighted in various articles that commend the restaurant in Delhi.

Chica Loca by Sunny LeoneSunny Leone's Chica Loca in Noida

Mirroring Sunny Leone’s glamour, this restaurant, too, has a décor full of glamour and lavishness. Chica Loca restaurant is adorned in shades of purple, from deep wine-coloured curtains to lavender flowers and lights that turn this space lively. The first floor features a bar and a striking black wall displaying black-and-white portraits of Leone in various glamorous poses, including her red carpet gowns and vacation shots.

There is also a performance stage, a cocktail bar, and a large terrace offering a stunning view. Here, the menu has cuisines such as Asian, European and Italian as well. It Is believed that the wide array of the menu that this spot features is inspired by Sunny Leone’s travel diary from across the globe.

Finally, Sunny Leone was spotted giving a special thanks to head Chef Vaibhav Bhargava for his expertise, whereas Chef Arpit added Middle Eastern and Gulf flavours to the menu; both of their contributions have helped Leone make this spot more special.

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Karigiri by Chef Harpal Singh SokhiChef Harpal Singh Sokhi Launches Karigari Restaurant in Delhi's Civil Lines - Kitchen Herald

Karigar restaurant in Noida is one of the most luxurious restaurants and is owned by Chef Harpal Singh Sukhi. Many of you might be aware of his name and fame already, as he is known as the most entertaining and amazing chef in India. He is a very well-known face of television and has attended many food-related shows as a judge and as a food critic. He was also honoured with a Gold star in 2012, and he is the one who designed the menu of this restaurant. Karigari restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant.

There are a number of must-try dishes at this restaurant as per the reviews given by the people who have been to this restaurant; these include the most famous Raasewala meat and baked Frozen chocolate rasgulla. Other than these, One of the most famous dishes of Shah Pal Singh that you should try at this restaurant is Mirchi Halwa.  He opened the restaurant to recognise Karigar’s contribution to India and their long legacy and artistic skills that are praised in India. The restaurant was established on Feb 12, 2023, in Noida. The timing of restaurants is open from 12 PM to 11 PM.

The restaurant has a beautiful inside, with walls of Harpal Singh’s pictures and achievements throughout his life journey, which makes it the most highlighted thing in the restaurant. After the successful opening of this restaurant in Noida, he was spotted saying that he plans to open outlets soon in different locations as well; these locations include Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

Comorin by Chef Manish MehrotraCelebrity owned restaurants in Delhi

Comorin is owned and operated by EHV, which is part of the Old World Hospitality group. This group spans a wide range of hospitality and entertainment services. It was inaugurated and operated by a famous person, Chef Manish Mehrotra. The achievements of these restaurants have made them known not just to Indians but also Internationally.

Comorin achieved significant recognition by debuting at 69 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List in 2022. Additionally, it was honoured as India’s Best Restaurant Bar in the 30 Best Bars 2022 awards. Old World Hospitality has established and managed over a dozen beloved restaurant brands, including the renowned Chor Bizarre and Indian Accent. You can easily book your seats prior to having a hassle-free fine dining experience.

Plaka chef ajay chopraCelebrity owned restaurants in Delhi

Plaka restaurant is owned by Chef Ajay Chopra. He started early and then has been on this journey into cooking for the last 25 years after travelling across the globe. He showed his famous dishes in the menu curated at Plaka restaurant. He has designed the menu of his restaurant, filling it with unique dishes and flavours from all across the globe.

The restaurant is located at a prime location, DLF cyber city Gurgaon. The restaurant offers all its visitors a magical fusion of traditional and modern taste of food. The owner of this restaurant, Chef Ajay Chopra, was the first judge of the most famous India Television reality show, Master Chef India. The restaurant has been among the most famous celebrity-owned restaurants in Delhi, and it has a diverse range of flavours.

Most of the famous dishes include Mediterranean flavours, chur chur naan, and Makhani butter chicken. And for all the vegetarian lovers, you shouldn’t miss the chart for the must-try dishes. The restaurant has one more outlet in Bangalore. Exactly like the other Celebrity owned restaurants in Delhi featured in our list, this one as well is known for serving the same taste and delicacy every single day but this one is specially crafted by Chef Ajay Chopra.

Final Thoughts

In summary, celebrity-owned restaurants in Delhi are becoming more popular, combining food and fame in an exciting way. These places give fans a chance to taste what their favourite stars enjoy, whether it’s a fancy dinner or a casual coffee. They add a touch of glamour to the dining scene and enrich the diverse world of Indian food. Whether you love trying new dishes or want to feel closer to celebrities, these restaurants offer a memorable and enjoyable experience. So, the next time you go out to eat, consider visiting one of these star-owned spots for a unique meal.

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