Dining in Style: India’s 10 Most Expensive Restaurants For Fine Dining Experience

May 16, 2024
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Fine Dining Restaurants in India

If you are a foodie who is always on the hunt for expensive restaurants in India that offer a fine dining experience, if you want to embark on a culinary journey in India. We have curated a list of India’s ten most expensive fine-dining restaurants that offer an assortment of culinary delights waiting to be explored.

Some of these restaurants are the most luxurious fine dining establishments that will serve you a unique blend of flavours, ambience, and hospitality that define the essence of dining in India.

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A Guide To The Most Expensive Restaurants In India  

Wasabi by MorimotoMost Expensive restaurants in India Wasabi restaurant, one of the most expensive restaurants in India, can also be seen listed as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. It is located within the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. Wasabi by Morimoto is a restaurant famous for its mouth-watering Japanese delicacies and elegant ambience. It offers a combination of an authentic yet upscale dining experience that features Japanese cuisines that renowned Chef Masaharu Morimoto curates.

The ingredients used in creating signature dishes are specially imported from Japan. This place also offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea with a sleek and sophisticated décor. It is located at the Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba, Mumbai. 

Price for Two: INR 12,000

Bukhara, Maurya SheratonMost Expensive Restaurants in DelhiBukhara, at the ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi, has been a prominent name in India’s most expensive restaurants that have served fantastic food for over 45 years without changing its style. Bukhara inspired the legendary Indian artist M.F. Husain so much that he painted one of his famous horse pictures while eating there. This picture is now on unique aprons made for Bukhara.

From the list of India’s expensive restaurants, this one is known for its North West Frontier cuisine and is loved by people worldwide. This place is most celebrated because of traditional grilling or Char Grilling Art. This restaurant is located in ITC Maurya Hotels in New Delhi.

Price for Two: INR 10,000

Orient Express Most Expensive Restaurants in DelhiOrient Express is a special place to eat at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. It’s a restaurant famous for serving delicious food from Europe, France and Italy. The ambience of this place is that of an old fancy train with its beautiful decorations and cosy atmosphere.

If you love wine, there are a lot of different kinds to choose from. Orient Express also offers separate rooms for a more private experience when you are going with family or loved ones.

In a nutshell, Orient Express is a great place to have a fancy meal with friends or family, where you can enjoy tasty food, good music, and excellent service in a cosy setting.

Price for Two: INR 10,000

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs Expensive Restaurants in DelhiLocated at ITC Windsor, Bengaluru, this Indian restaurant feels like a time machine, taking you back in time with its sophisticated décor and warm lighting. This restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience, offering private options for a more intimate dining experience where you can enjoy personalised dining in a secluded setting.

The speciality here is Awadhi cuisine. They simmer food in sealed pots to make it super tender and flavorful. The food here is more like a culinary adventure: juicy kebabs, aromatic Biryanis, and Rich Curries that your taste buds will enjoy. Another feature of this place you shouldn’t forget is its Cocktail bar.

Price for two: INR 7,000

Taj Falaknuma Palace Most Expensive Restaurants in Delhi Located in Hyderabad, this place is known for its rich history and heritage. The architecture of this place is a blend of Italian and Tudor styles with detailed Artwork, Marble and Chandeliers. This place offers royal dining experiences and a variety of culinary delights inspired by Hyderabadi and International cuisines.

Along with mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant provides impeccable hospitality. You can visit the Royal Terrace in the same palace for a panoramic view of Hyderabad’s skyline and beautiful landscape.

Price for two: INR 7,000

ItaliaMost Expensive Restaurants in Delhi

Located at The Park Hotel, Chennai, this place has all kinds of dishes. Featured as one of the best restaurants in India, this place has won this spot through its irreplacable services. This place is well known for its speciality in Italian food. Complementing its Italian cuisine, this place also offers a wide selection of wines with impeccable taste to pair with the food.

Moreover, the staff members here are good at taking care of guests and ensuring everyone has a great time from when they arrive until they leave.

Price for two: INR 5,000

ZenMost Expensive Restaurants in Delhi Located at Leela Palace, Bengaluru, this place is perfect for having Pan Asian cuisine. This place offers an exotic experience with the best Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean cuisines. Their speciality, Signature Prawns and Bamboo shoot dumplings, make it a highly sought-after restaurant.

The place has a peaceful ambience, with serene décor and dim lighting. The unique feature of this place that makes its menu a one-of-a-kind popular choice is that the menu here has been created with the help of a popular nutrition and wellness expert, Dr Ankta Jalori.

Price for two: INR 7,000

Dhilli Most Expensive Restaurants in Delhiis Known as one of the most expensive restaurants in Delhi; this place is led by Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia, MBE (Member of the British Empire); Dhilli showcases the diverse food culture of India’s capital city. Here, you can taste famous dishes like Chaat from Chandni Chowk and Kormas from Jama Masjid, which will give you an overall exciting experience that you might not be able to find in other expensive restaurants.

More than fine dining, visiting here feels more like a journey through the capital city’s rich culinary heritage and different flavours of different cultures. This place is located at The Oberoi, New Delhi.

Price for two: INR 6,000

CelliniMost Expensive Restaurants in Delhi Located at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, this place offers the delicious taste of authentic Italian cuisine. Cellini has an exceptional kitchen unlike any other expensinve restaurants acorss India. With a wood-fired oven, rotisserie, and charcoal grill, these modern and unique equipments give the food a unique and tasty flavour.

Here, you can enjoy classic pizzas, different kinds of Pasta, Lasagna, and much more, with all of them being made fresh and authentically and sometimes with a modern touch. Moreover, this place also offers exclusive offers; to learn more about them, you must visit their website, Hyatt Dining Club.

Price for two: INR 5,000

YuukaExpensive Restaurants in DelhiLocated at Palladium Hotel, Mumbai, this restaurant on Level 37 is the Hotel’s first Modern Japanese restaurant from the list of most expensive restaurants in India. Operated by one of the most renowned and celebrated chefs, Chef Ting Yen, this place offers rich traditional Japanese cooking in a fun way.

Yuuka, unlike other expensive restaurants features a live sushi bar and has rare Japanese Beer to enjoy with your food. Overall, along with the ambience and the delicious food, this place serves everyone a blend of flavours in a luxurious setting everyone celebrates.

Price for Two: INR 10,000 

Final Thoughts 

If you are constantly looking for the best and expensive restaurants across the globe,

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