The Deal Makers Of Indian Restaurants: 6 Best Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide

October 6, 2023
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Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide

The absence of the Michelin Guide from any Indian city does not imply that the Red Book lacks the nation’s cuisine. Throughout reality, the Guide lists a lot of Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants worldwide, some of them in genuinely unexpected cities. For instance, there are three Bib Gourmand-rated Indian restaurants in Tokyo, whereas Macau is home to the region’s first Michelin-starred Indian restaurant.

These Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants worldwide also offer a wide variety of meals. While the majority serve up North Indian cuisine—think naans and kebabs—some restaurants use local vegetables from Europe. One example is the London restaurant Benares, which serves Scottish scallops. 

Sounds delicious? Let’s delve into visually indulging in the delicious dishes that these 6 Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants worldwide serve. 

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6 Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide

The Golden Peacock

Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
In this one of the Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants worldwide, India’s national bird, the peacock, is prominently displayed in this restaurant at The Venetian, along with copper, glass, screens, and Sadeli mosaics. The chef is from Kerala but uses high-quality products to create a menu that draws inspiration from various regions of the nation in this Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant. Through the glass of this Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant, you can see his staff using the tandoor oven. A delicious and reasonably priced buffet is offered for lunch. 

The Song of India

Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
When you ascend the few stairs of this vintage cottage in Singapore and catch your first glimpse of this Michelin-Starred Indian restaurant, the less-than-ideal position is immediately forgotten. The enticingly sophisticated atmosphere is further enhanced by the trendy décor and frequently changing Indian artwork. The kitchen uses both traditional ways of preparation and more contemporary cooking styles to produce an astounding selection of dishes, and the menu contains delicacies from all around India. 


Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
Anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine but has grown weary of New York’s Curry Hill’s standardised, ghee-heavy dishes should visit this place on our Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants worldwide list, Tulsi. This Midtown favourite offers billowing muslin and neutral colours in place of the colourful lighting that makes many throw up, as well as calm, classy settings and attentive, kind service in the area of the typical Bollywood clichés. The menu deviates somewhat from the usual as well.

For the appetisers, the Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant uses common street foods like ragda chaat, a delicious way to start your dinner, and elevates them to new heights by giving them its twist and using simple ingredients. Make sure to save room for some authentic mutton biryani with the bone in or some tandoori fare, like those succulent lamb chops. Although the spicing may be a little mild as a concession to regional preferences, people familiar with India and anyone who knows their stupid mid-on from their backward point will still find much to enjoy.

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Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
Rasa has found the ideal middle ground in a thriving tech corridor home to Indian expats with high culinary standards in California. The bi-level room has a lovely, minimalist-mod décor with vibrant splashes of orange, sleek pendant lights, and sophisticated dark wood fittings, but the focus here is on food. No-joke dishes that aren’t toned down for Western palates cater to the likes of software executives and local couples. The restaurant specialises in elevating South Indian food through sound techniques and top-notch ingredients.

Start the celebration with dahi vada at this Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant, which are crispy fried lentil fritters covered in smooth yoghurt. Next, indulge in a basil-chutney dosa, which is a crisp rice-lentil crêpe filled with potato masala and served with basil chutney, as well as a version made with scorching ghost peppers that should only be tried by diehard hotheads. Each dish is thoughtfully assembled, as evidenced by the intricate Andhra chicken curry rich in coconut and bobs with juicy dark meat. With a flaky Kerala paratha, sop up the spicy sauce. To cool off, enjoy a creamy, smooth chikku frappe, which combines the fruit’s name-brand pear-like fruit with vanilla ice cream and candied rice puffs for an enthralling finish.


Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
There is no Indian restaurant in London with a more impressive setting or roomy layout. With his skilful spicing and great use of British delicacies like Scottish scallops and New Forest venison, Atul Kochhar draws inspiration from a wide range of sources in this Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant. 


Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurants Worldwide
You’ll appreciate Karam Sethi’s Gymkhana in London—if you can get a table at this Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant. Ask to sit downstairs to experience the interior’s exquisite design and many wry details, which Colonial India’s gymkhana clubs inspired. The cuisine of North India is incredibly flavorful and rich. 

Final Thoughts

These were the 6 Michelin-starred Indian restaurants worldwide. If you visit the countries they are located in, there is no way that you can miss having a meal there.

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