Best Of BYOB In Delhi: Delhi’s Best 7 Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) Hangout Spots

May 18, 2024
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BYOB in Delhi

Restaurants that offer BYOB in Delhi are popular hotspots for a weekend getaway. BYOB is an acronym that is popular all across the globe. It typically refers to ‘Bring Your Own Bottle‘, where individuals bring their own bottle (preferably an alcoholic beverage) to a bar, social gathering or restaurant.

Delhi, a vibrant city that serves as a melting point for every culture and generation, has its ways of enjoying, and BYOB bars in Delhi are one of them. So, if you want to look for a BYOB bar in Delhi for your next outing, we have curated a list of 7 BYOB bars for you that are located in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Cheers!

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List Of Top 7 Bars That Offer BYOB In Delhi 

Oh Hi Yo Reloaded BYOB in Delhi Oh Hi Yo Restaurant is a must-visit for all the South Delhi people who love to party. It is located in Greater Kailash (GK), South Delhi. Oh Hi Yo is a BYOB hotspot and offers a perfect lively environment for parties. Here, you can also come for social gatherings or party celebrations with friends and loved ones or just a fun weekend with your friends.

This place serves mouth-watering Indian and International cuisines. The Lebanese Falafel and Tangy Mushrooms at this restaurant are a must try for all its visitors. Along with the food, you get an option to choose your beverage from a wide variety of drinks, or you can bring one of your choices as this bar is a BYOB one.

So, if you are looking for a place to have a fun party with your friends and create some memories, this place is the one for you.


Jalsa  Jalsa is a popular restaurant found in Galleria Market, Gurgaon. It is a well-known place for its wide range of yummy Indian and Ladakhi dishes in the city. Besides being a popular spot for enjoying traditional food, this BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) place is perfect for those who want to bring their own drinks to the celebration.

Must-try dishes here include Ladakhi Momos, Sumai Kothay, and Ting Momos. The outdoor seating area decorated with Himalayan flags is also very nice. Whether you’re having a casual dinner or celebrating something special, this BYOB spot in Delhi NCR promises an excellent time for everyone.

Ebowla Club & BYOBEbowla Club & BYOB is a place that is all about the concept of BYOB in Delhi. It is their most popular feature that people find inviting to the party. Here, you will find some of the most mouth watering food that you can enjoy with your friends. It’s a super cool place where you can bring along plenty of drinks and enjoy them while talking and munching on tasty food that is freshly prepared here.

Must-try dishes include Mushroom Duplex, Mexican Wrap, Spring Roll, and Paneer Tikka. The club has a relaxed vibe with open seating, and its menu has lots of different dishes to choose from. It’s one of the top spots in Delhi NCR for BYOB fans who want to chill out with their favourite drinks.

AMPM Cafe & BarAMPM Cafe & Bar, located at DLF Galleria in Phase 4, Gurgaon, is a relaxed restaurant and bar. AMPA Café & Bar has a nice feel with a spacious seating area and a lovely outdoor terrace area. This place also offers a wide variety of tasty cuisines, a mix of delectable dishes from North Indian, Italian, American, and Oriental cuisines.

Moreover, they also have a wide selection of strong drinks and cocktails at their bar, from which you can choose your drink or bring one, as this place is another BYOB hotspot. Another cool thing is they often organise live music performances, which adds to the fun. They also have all the basic and modern facilities that one might need to have a good time at a restaurant.

Overall, AMPM Cafe & Bar is a great spot to chill with friends and family after a long day.

Club 44 Located at Sector 44, Noida, this place offers an absolutely vibrant and fun nightlife scene. Here, you can enjoy live music performances, exciting drinks, and dancing all night long. The energetic vibes here come from the stylish ambience with modern décor and lighting system. The performances by DJs and various singers from diverse genres add to the energy of the place and make it even more lively.

Club 44 also offers a wide variety of food to satisfy your cravings as they offer appetisers and hearty dishes to fuel you up. This place is also popular for its parties and special events that add a unique experience for all its visitors.

Knight RiderLocated in Gurugram, this place is one of the most popular restaurant with a choice of BYOB in Delhi. At Knight Rider, they offer you a spacious seating area, which is suitable for small as well as large groups of family and friends. Moreover, right next to this shop is a popular liquor shop where you can buy your choice of beer and enjoy that at a restaurant with your friends while munching on the food here.

The tandoor Chicken tikka and Afghani chicken are said to be a must-try here, and all the food here is filled with flavours. This place’s overall quality and ambience are perfect for your next outing.

Rush- The BYOB Club Rush- The BYOB Club offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating. This place features multiple mouth-watering cuisines such as Italian, Mexican and Indian. This place is at Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road in Gurugram. This place offers a unique experience to all its visitors, with all the facilities that one might need to have a smooth experience.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate or spend some time with your friends over a chilled beer, watching sports, this BYOB bar in Delhi will be perfect place for you. The nightlife at Rush is filled with live music and live entertainment, such as live sports screenings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Delhi NCR features a wide variety of BYOB bars that provide a perfect setting to party and enjoy with your friends and family. It is commonly known and often celebrated in many places and some dedicated restaurants across India. Especially in Delhi, bars that run offers such as BYOB in Delhi rapidly become spots for social gatherings. So grab your favourite bottle, head out to one of these places, and toast to the good times ahead in the vibrant capital city of Delhi.

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