Beauty and The Feast: 7 Must-Visit Restaurants In Delhi With The Best View Of Qutub Minar

May 20, 2024
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Delhi is a place famous for its diverse food and monuments. Restaurants in Delhi that offer a stunning view of Qutub Minar are a must-visit, as Qutub Minar is one of the most famous landmarks. This tall tower-like structure carries beautiful carvings that showcase the unique architectural style. Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws visitors from across the globe.

So, the next time you visit Qutub Minar, make sure to visit the restaurants listed below for the best food and a stunning view.  Discovering the food in these restaurants in Delhi is special as you can enjoy a meal while looking at one of the city’s famous sights, the Qutub Minar. Whether you want a romantic dinner or a casual brunch with a nice view, these places are just right.

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Here’s a list of Qutub Minar View Restaurants In Delhi

Bo Tai Restaurant Bo Tai, Mehrauli, New Delhi | Zomato

Bo Tai restaurant in Mehrauli, Delhi, is one of the finest one located in Delhi NCR. They have a very luxurious collection of wines and food with a beautiful breathtaking view of the Qutub Minar by the side. Here, at this restaurant, you can enjoy mouth-watering Asian, Thai and grill cuisine unlike any other restaurants in Delhi.

They have multiple varieties of cuisines and a special menu curated with a number of vegetarian and vegan options. Bo Tai restaurant has various outlets across India in different locations, such as Bangalore, Goa, and Delhi. One of the best features of this place, which makes it popular among locals as well as visitors, is its bar, which has an International team of amazing bartenders that craft some of the best and rare blends for you to enjoy here at Bo Tai.

The restaurant offers limited-time opening as it closes between 4 PM and 7:30 PM so that they can prepare fresh meals for everyone to enjoy for dinner. Therefore, make sure to book your tables accordingly in advance. Another feature of this restaurant is that this restaurant has a spacious indoor setting with beautiful outdoor seating for special events and festivals.

Bougie RestaurantBougie, Mehrauli, New Delhi | Zomato

Boguie, Delhi, is a popular restaurant among Delhiites. This restaurant was inaugurated in 2020 by Priyank Sukhija. This spot in Delhi has a Bohemian vibe with an earthiness. The cafe offers a number of multinational cuisines, including Italian and French cuisine.

The place has golden hour glamour as it opens from 12 PM to 1 AM. The restaurant also has a rooftop sitting that offers a stunning view of Qutub Minar.  The place is famous for its non-veg Fajitas, and the Bougie Fried Chicken. For all vegetarians, the must-try that they serve here are crispy shredded beetroot patty, Italian pizza and much more.

One of the features of this place is that it holds multiple events such as Bubbly Brunch, bad and Bougie and many more. Moreover, if you are a fan of bougie drinks like the name of the restaurant itself, do not miss their must-try cocktails.

Qla RestaurantRelish Haute Cuisine At This Contemporary European Fine Dining Restaurant In Delhi

Qla is a contemporary European restaurant that serves some of the most exquisite European cuisines. From Qla restaurants, you get a stunning view of the beautiful monument, Qutub Minar, as it has a rooftop seating area. The charm of Qla is that it offers a serene dining experience away from the busy, bustling city of Delhi.

The ambience of this place is modern and stylish, with an imitation of an antique fort. Here, you will spot warm interiors and beautifully classy chairs along with wooden décor that creates an overall elegant atmosphere. Other than European cuisines, this place specialises in Italian, French, and Spanish cuisines.

They also offer imported meats, seafood and much more. The bar here is a hit with a wide collection of wines and cocktails and features some bottles that are not easy to find in any other restaurants in Delhi.

Kakapo RestaurantA Look Inside Kakapos New Menu That Takes You On A Global Voyage - NDTV Food

Kakapo is located in Mehrauli, Delhi, and is the best place if you are looking for a unique cocktail to remember. Here, they serve international cuisine with classical music in a serene ambience. They have separate menus for many special occasions. The menu here includes something for tea lovers, beverages, Sunday brunches, food and desserts; you will find something for each one of you.

The restaurant offers both an indoor setting and an outdoor one, from where you can enjoy the view of Qutub Minar. Kakapo restaurants have limited opening hours, from 12 PM to 1 AM. The restaurant is especially famous for Asian cuisine, but it also serves delicious Italian and continental food. It has recently opened and instantly became famous due to its luxurious view.

It never fails to leave its visitors shocked and surprised with its beautiful, sleek interior. All the features of this restaurant have made it among the top 10 best restaurants in South Delhi. Overall, this place offers a perfect blend of the perfect outing space for all of the people who want to enjoy their partying and outing and an indoor serene ambience for the rest.

Ditas RestaurantDitas, Lower Parel, Mumbai | Zomato

Located in South Delhi, this restaurant is known to be a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity. The feature that stands out in this place is its hybrid nature. It is popular as a restaurant by day but as a jazz bar by night. Japanese Miso Bowl here is a must-try and is highly recommended by all its visitors. The great ambience of Ditas comes alive with the help of the music that plays here.

Once in a while, you might also get to experience a live DJ playing here with a mix of old and perfectly new modern blends. It also has a beautiful outdoor seating area and a bar that you cannot miss. Therefore, while you are here, make sure to order one of their special drinks and watch it get prepared freshly and crafted by some of the best bartenders at Ditas. The menu here covers a variety of cuisines from all across the globe; some of the most famous ones here include Italian cuisines, European, continental and Asian.

Here, you will find a number of mocktails along with cocktails, but the coffees at this place are also a hit and should be a must-try when visiting. The staff here is also quite accommodating and kind to you, always ready to take any changes or queries.

Finally, the potion size here is just right, so make sure to order the suggestions that they give, as they are some of the most loved and popular delicacies here. From hospitality to mouth-watering food to the lively ambience, everything at Ditas makes it just a perfect spot to enjoy with your family and loved ones.

DramzDramz, Mehrauli, New Delhi | Zomato

Dramz restaurant in Mehrauli, New Delhi, is one of the best famous restaurants in the locality. The restaurant has a very luxurious sitting and decoration. The cafe has a luxurious setting with a lavish interior and spacious outdoor setting. Dramz offers the most amazing views of Qutub Minar, which are believed to be breathtaking.

The menu here specialises in a number of cuisines, including continental, Italian, and Arabian food. The restaurant is located in the middle of the Minar and sits across the lane from the restaurant. The restaurant is a separate space for a bar and has a variety of options for alcohol lovers.

Some of the best dishes at Dramz are Charred Broccoli, jalapeño cheddar rolls, cottage cheese pot, pies, cheese and chicken wraps, lamb dumplings, and much more. The majestic view of Qutub Minar in the open city makes it better and more beautiful than the other cafes and restaurants out there.

Rooh RestaurantRooh, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Rooh restaurant is an international Indian restaurant with a cocktail bar. It was made in 150-year-old Haveli, established by Vikram Bari, and it is an award-winning international restaurant. It is located in Mehrauli, Delhi and has a static model interior that allows 400 people at a time; the restaurants serve Indian, Chinese, Italian and continental food.

The restaurant was opened in a different location, and after its successful running, it opened in Delhi, India. Rooh restaurant is located right opposite the Qutub Minar. Here, you can enjoy some of the most famous dishes in Delhi but with a unique modern twist, including Panipuri with passionfruit, avocado toast, and some unique doughnuts. The restaurants are open from 6:30 PM to 12 midnight, and on Mondays, the restaurant is closed.

This one has a warm, inviting atmosphere and a top sitting area with a unique dining experience. They have private dining spaces catering to intimate celebrations and events with tailored and specialised menus, which makes it the happiest place to have a fun evening.

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Final Thoughts

While you’re exploring the tasty food experience in Delhi, make sure you try dining with a view of the amazing Qutub Minar in these seven restaurants in Delhi. Whether it’s a big celebration or just wanting to enjoy yummy food with a bit of history in the background, these restaurants give you a memorable time. So, when you’re in Delhi next, treat yourself to a meal with a view and make some great memories with the stunning Qutub Minar.

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