Soulful Sufi Evenings: 7 Restaurants In Delhi That Host Captivating Sufi Nights

May 20, 2024
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Restaurants in Delhi

Dining at restaurants in Delhi is more than just enjoying food, and it’s about experiencing something that delights all your senses. Sufi-themed restaurants offer a special way to enhance your dining experience by blending the rich, mystical Sufi culture with delicious cuisine. These restaurants create a unique atmosphere with calming, soulful music and decor that reflects Sufi traditions, making the environment peaceful.

This lets visitors enjoy the meal in a setting that feels serene and spiritually connected. If you’re a fine dining fan looking for a memorable outing, these restaurants offer an extraordinary experience where food and spirituality come together beautifully. 

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Best Restaurants In Delhi That Serve Best Sufi Nights

Khubani restaurantGet Ready to Shine at Khubani's All-Bling New Year Party! - HospiBuz

Khubani restaurant is located in Aerocity, New Delhi, and it is the most royal restaurant in Delhi. This restaurant has been awarded as one of the world’s best 50 Indian restaurants. It is an Indian cuisine restaurant that serves delicious food, but the menu goes beyond just Indian cuisine. The must-try dishes from their menu, as per their regular visitors, consists of sushi, chicken and Dim Sum.

These modern Indian restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, and the menu is carefully crafted in accordance with modern chefs. The entrance to this place is fantastic and magical, with a security check to ensure everyone’s safety. As soon as you step into the restaurant, you will witness the theme here that comes with a modern twist.

There are creative portraits and overall this place has a fantastic ambience. On the next level, Khubani restaurant has a vast central arena, where a huge stage lies for all the performances and artists. Here, the Sufi nights are organised every now and then, and they show their talent to entertain the people of the restaurants and to make their night more memorable.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner till late at night so everyone can enjoy these sufi nights. The restaurants are filled with beautiful and artistic walls, and chandeliers hanging down in light red colour; they may have continental Italian, Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisine.

Café 27Cafe 27, Kailash Colony, New Delhi | Zomato

Cafe 27 is located in Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash. They have a vast food menu that includes Pan Asian cuisines. Their newly introduced cuisines and sushi bar are their best sellers. Here, you can enjoy some of the best desserts. This place also offers private party bookings, or you can decide on your bookings in advance for a convenient and hassle-free party night.

Café 27 was started in 2008 and has become a popular hotspot in Delhi where you can enjoy Sufi Nights. It was the only rooftop bar Cafe for started in Delhi. The ambience here is filled with live music, and it has four vast floors where you can sit and enjoy your food. Here, they organise Kavalli Nights every Friday and Sufi nights every Saturday. The cafe has three types of settings: an outdoor sitting area, one for the inside, and one for the high past. At last, for all the alcohol lovers, they suggest pre-booking their tables due to the heavy crowd on the weekends on Fridays and Saturdays.

Cafe 27 offers delicious desserts after dinner, like brownies on Sunday. They have outdoor seating with space for all the co-workers who want to work and enjoy their evening peacefully. Apart from these features, they have Services such as high-speed Wi-Fi and a separate area that makes this place perfect for a party with all your loved ones.

Laidback caféLaidback Cafe, Greater Kailash 2 (GK2), New Delhi | Zomato

Laidback Cafe is located in New Delhi and is a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine. It has a diverse menu that also includes continental Italian, Middle Eastern, and North Indian desserts. The menu at Laidback cafe also features a number of beverages that are crafted beautifully by their skilful bartenders.

It has multiple outlets across Delhi; the most popular ones include Saket and Sangam Courtyard and organises some of the best Sufi nights in Delhi. The restaurant stays open from 12 PM to 1 AM, and the happy hours start from 4 PM to 8 PM when you can enjoy the party at best.

The cafe has a serene interior and cosy environment. There are some recommended deserts that have been listed as a must try visitors here, these deserts include blueberry cheesecake, and tiramisu.

38 Barracks Restaurant 38 Barracks, Connaught Place, New Delhi | Zomato

38 Barracks is a military-themed restaurant and one of its kind. It is located in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. It is located in the outer circle of Connaught Place. The place is spread over two floors and has a ground floor filled with vibrant interior decor. Here, they serve cuisines from multiple regions, such as Indian, Chinese, and continental dishes.

The cuisines here are lip-smacking, and the vast menu features some unique must-try dishes. The first floor is dedicated to occasional events and private parties that people can enjoy with their loved ones. The overall ambience of this place is Georgian style and filled with decent décor.

There are a number of nearby attractions close to this place where you can hang out after grabbing a meal at 38 Barracks restaurants. The bar here has a capacity of 150 people in one sitting. They also have a proper bar and pub area where you can choose your drink.  

Sufiana Kitchen and Bar Restaurants in Delhi

Sufiana kitchen and bar are located in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi—near the Rajouri Garden metro station. The opening hours here are 12 PM. It is a Global cuisine restaurant that serves a number of cuisines from across the globe. This restaurant overall is a culinary gem that will take your dining experience here to the next level.

The Mughlai cruises here are a must-try. However, it is rare to find any options for vegetarians and alcohol here. However, you can enjoy a number of drinks from their mocktail menu that are carefully crafted by skilful bartenders here. This restaurant offers a soulful sufi night that all its visitors come to enjoy at Sufiana restaurant.

Ambrosia Bliss, Connaught Place Restaurants in Delhi

Everything about this place is as unique as its name, Ambrosia. The name translates to the ‘food of the Greek and Roman gods’, and true to its name, the food here is a luxury delight that is rare to find. Everything, from the decor to the food, service, and ambience, is managed in a way that leaves you very satisfied.

They offer a wide variety of drinks and food, including Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, along with Sangria, Wine, and mocktails. It’s the largest restaurant in Connaught Place. It has beautiful terraces, a lounge area with a stage for live performances, a plush bar, a conference room for special meetings, and an elegant dining area with three types of seating arrangements.

When you enter, the diamond-studded ceiling at the reception catches your eye, leading into Ambrosia, the dining area. They are attentive to your needs and always have a friendly smile, adding warmth to the place.

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Molecule Delhi sufi-themed restaurants

The Molecule Delhi Air bar is located in Green Park, New Delhi. This restaurant offers North Indian, Continental, Chinese cuisines and much more. It has a different bar stage that many come to enjoy their drinks at. Here, you will only find skilful and well-trained staff that will serve you everything with their exerted knowledge. Molecule Delhi occassionally organises Sufi-Nights in Delhi every now and then.

The capacity of this restaurant is 200 people, but it can be extended as per the requirements of its visitors.  They also have beautiful outdoor spaces where you can enjoy your massage. One of the features that stand out at this place is that it almost always has a piece of live music that makes this place quite lively, along with its serene ambience.

Final Thoughts

In a world where dining out can often feel routine, Sufi-themed restaurants offer a refreshing and captivating escape. They provide more than just a meal as they offer an immersive journey into the heart of Sufi culture. Every detail in these restaurants in Delhi, from the music to the decor, is designed to elevate the spirit.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or indulging in a quiet dinner, these restaurants in Delhi promise an unforgettable experience with best Sufi nights in Delhi, a night that stays long after the meal is over. Embrace the enchanting blend of culinary art and spiritual ambience, and let Sufi-themed dining transport you to a place of peace, reflection, and exquisite delight.

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