Ayurveda To Innovation: 7 Best Skincare Brands In India In 2024

July 8, 2024
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Best skincare brands in India

Luxury and best skincare brands in India can sometimes be tricky to find, and sometimes it can be extremely expensive. In that case, it becomes tricky to find brands that offer a decent range of products with a touch of luxury. Therefore, we have carefully curated a list of the top 7 skincare brands in India that are stealing the spotlight lately in the game of best Indian skincare.

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Best Skincare Brands In India

Dr. Sheth’sMamaearth parent Honasa Consumer buys majority stake in skincare brand Dr. Sheth's - BusinessToday

Founded by Dr. Aneesh Sheth

Dr Sheth’s range of skincare products could often be spotted in the favourite skincare list of many Indian influencers and celebrities. This is a homegrown brand that has gained the spotlight with its great formulation. This brand has been founded by Dr. Aneesh Sheth. He is trained in formulation and pharma. This plant has a legacy of measures leading skincare experts.

It has been reported that that brand started when he discovered that many Indian brands lack a depth of research in their products. It was then that he decided to launch his own brand with proper research and great formulation that would understand Indian skin types. Furthermore, the brand has been celebrated as it not only discards it in India but celebrates melanin and promotes a more positive attitude towards people’s skin.

Forest essentialsForest Essentials Products to Travel this Summer | Forest Essentials

Founded by Mira Kulkarni 

This brand focuses on the rich ancient wisdom of India. True to its name, Forest Essentials has established itself as not just a luxury skincare brand but instead provides a luxury wellness. It is a space for people who are getting started on their skincare journey. It is believed that the uses of this brand not just promote this brand for its products but rather the sensory experience that the plant provides them. The packaging of this brand is stunning and has minimalistic, luxurious fragments that do not feel heavy.

Along with the skincare concerns, this brand focuses on ethical consciousness and has many initiatives that are actively helping women’s empowerment. This brand has been reported to take care of its employees and the environment. Along with its unbeatable skincare range, this brand has recently lost its make-up line. Their make up is believed to be as nourishing and has incredible vital ingredients that makes your skin glowing.

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Kama AyurvedaPuig takes over Kama Ayurveda and consolidates its presence in India - Premium Beauty News

Founded by Vivek Sahni 

Kama Ayurveda is a cruelty free and sustainable brand. This brand provides a range of decent skincare and has a number of products that work wonders. This brand has been in the Indian and international markets for quite a few years now. It is believed that soon after its launch, Ayurveda stood as a leading brand that promoted Ayurveda-made products.

The philosophy of this brand is simple: it focuses on healing using the elements that Earth has to offer and incorporates advanced technology to give the best results. Furthermore, this plan launches new innovations every now and then. One of its most recent launches, which is aromatic pure Neroli water, is believed to be a perfect solution for people who have a dry scale as this product has hydrating benefits and provides toning to your skin.

Juicy ChemistryJuicy Chemistry - Beyondesign

Founded by Pritesh & Megha Asher

Juicy Chemistry is another homegrown skincare brand. This brand has been in the spotlight for a couple of years now. The best feature of this brand is that it is not just affordable but offers a range of organic products. It is believed that this product is made out of hundred percent-certified organic ingredients only. This brand puts its emphasis on forming a healthy and natural skin care Range. This brand offers not just products for your skin but a range of hair care and body care products.

Care products are great. This brand provides a personalised assistant that anyone can use on their website to build their own skincare regime. Another feature of this brand is that they use some of the most exclusive and beneficial raw materials in their products to give the best results, such as hemp, organic facial oil, Australian tea, and tree and basil hydrosol mist. These products make your skin feel fresh and plump, work wonders to reduce acne significantly and are beneficial for dry skin.

RAS luxury oilsRAS Luxury Oils: Wellness Best Seller Kit

Founded by Shubhika Jain 

RAS is a brand that has been entirely in the spotlight for the last couple of years. It is a leading farm-to-face skincare brand in India. The RAS luxury oils do not just provide you with the skin but rather give its user the pleasure of aromatherapy. This brand uses nature and natural oils and provides its users with the best organic products. This brand was co-founded by Sangeeta and Shubha Jain, a mother daughter duo.

They believed that facial oil could provide a healthy glow to the skin and incorporated this idea into their brand. This brand has a hydrating mist and beauty that the internet is currently becoming more and more obsessed with. The Gua sha stone and facial oils are the leading products of their brands and have become the talk of the town lately.

Pure EarthPurearth - Award winning, luxury clean skincare and wellness – Purearth India

Founded by Kavita Khosa

Pure Earth brand does not just focus on beauty but rather on constant wellness. This brand is said to have features such as gentleness and has natural elements. This brand actually combines luxury with ethical skin care. This brand understands the journey of achieving better skin and, therefore, does not stray from a quick fix; rather, it stays with you in this journey of getting started with your skincare to achieve perfect and bitter skin.

The brand is committed to many initiatives related to ecology. One such initiative the brand has taken is called Pure Purpose Foundation; this institute focuses on social impact and has its own recycling program, which is the empty jars and bottles to upcycle them. This brand was founded by Kavita Khosa further mode; this brand helps local producers and helps them to access the urban markets. At last, this brand has won an award for its body polish, body butter, and facial oil.

Indulgeo EssentialsBest skincare brands in India

Founded by Seema Arora and Supriya Malik 

It is a luxury and organic skincare brand. This brand as well has been found by a mother daughter duo, Seema Arora and Supriya Malik. They believed that the skin concerns of the youth or people half day could be solved with the help of nature and its magical products. All the products for this brand are made out of the best and finest ingredients.

These products are carefully blended together to give the best results and ensure equality products. Their rejuvenating eye cream and volcanic night oil has been a constant best seller. This brand also sets perfect examples of the ethical considerations that a brand should have.


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