7 Unmissable And Best Korean Souvenirs To Buy On Your Next Trip To South Korea

July 9, 2024
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Best korean Souvenir

Are you planning a trip to South Korea soon? If yes, do not forget to take the best Korean souvenirs from your next trip to South Korea. Therefore, we have curated a list of the seven most loved souvenirs from South Korea that you can carry with you. These items are a reflection of their culture and will give you a sense of the rich culture of Korea. We wish you a happy and safe trip to the beautiful land of South Korea. 

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Best Korean Souvenirs

Traditional Korean masksBest Korean Souvenirs

These traditional Korean masks are called TAL in Korea. These masks have an extended tuition and are born in ceremonies or rituals. These masks are often known by many different names, such as gwangdae, chorani, gamyeon,  and talbagaji. It is believed that the history of these masks dates back to the 12th century.

These are supposed to be part of their battle uniforms and of Royal courts. It is believed that these months drive away spirits and are, therefore, popular. These masks were also won by soldiers and their horses. Other than these masks, there are also folk masks that were worn in dance and other places. At last, they bring good luck to you and are great so from your trip to Japan, Japan.

Korean dolls/ TeddiesKorean Dolls: A Celebration of Life, Exhibits, Spurlock Museum, U of I

These traditional Korean dolls wear dresses called Hanbok. These are worn by both females and males, and they are known to be the addresses that these people used to wear before they were expelled from Korea. It is a beautiful attire that is divided into pants, vests, dresses and tops.

These dresses have beautiful long sleeves, and they are often put together with the help of a ribbon. The dresses that women wear are the traditional ones and are called Chima in Korea. These beautiful dolls are a perfect decoration that you can keep at your home as a souvenir. You can find them easily anywhere in Korea.

Korean Organic teaWhat Is Korean Tea? Here Are A Few Types OF Korean Tea That Can Aid Weight Loss | OnlyMyHealth

If you are planning your trip to Korea, you must already be aware of the fact that Koreans love tea and coffee. In Korea, people drink at least a cup of tea every day. These organic days are famous due to their numerous health benefits. Some of the rights that are must try are cherry green tea, digestive tea, and the Yamamotoyama Organic Genmaicha Premium tea.

Furthermore, it is believed that with the help of these teas, the body is cleansed, and it has also been proven to improve the digestive system. Furthermore, barley tea is also a highly popular organic that has many health benefits; it is believed to cleanse the body and improve the digestive system, and one of the significant advantages of this tea is that it is caffeine-free.

K Beauty productsWhy Korean Beauty Isn't For Everyone | Teen Vogue

You might already be aware of the popularity of Korean skincare and beauty products. While visiting South Korea, make sure that you stock up on all the essentials. The variety of beauty finds there isn’t just limited to skincare; the makeup items there are also quite affordable. The skincare that you will find there is made for every skin type, so if you have been wanting to find something that is specially tailored to your needs, you might find it in Korea.

Starting from Korean face masks, they are believed to be staples in Korean beauty. They are available in many kinds and can help you give glowy skin. Not just the skincare products but also the treatments in Korea are cheaper, so make sure to plan your treatments in advance.

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Traditional Stamps (Dojang)Korean Dojang: the Name Chop That Links You to the Founding of Korea - Best of Korea

Dojang is known to be the traditional stamp of the name of a person in Hangeul. Most of the people in Korea own a Dojang to sign the official documents with their names. These stamps have been a part of their culture since the second century B.C. and are still used this late by the people of Korea.

It is convenient and cute as well. There are many souvenir shops where you can craft your very own Dojang and use it to stamp your documents or keep it as a souvenir for memory. One of the best places where you can find Dojang stamps is Seoul. You will be able to spot these shops easily.

Unique kitchenwareKorean Kitchen Utensils: 10+ Useful List For Beginners - ling-app.com

There are many Korean brands that are constantly refining and developing their durable cookware with beautiful evening designs. These unique kitchenware are made by Korean brands and are known for their design and functionality. These are high-quality products that can be used for a long time. Some of the most popular brands that you can choose from are retro –T bonbon Silicon kitchen utensils and Sodam cookware sets.

You can also buy cute lunchboxes such as mono lunchboxes. Along with these kitchen items, chopsticks are also popular in South Korea, and unlike other Asian countries that use wooden or Bamboo Chapstick, South Korea uses metal chopsticks that are usually usually and square in shape. So, make sure to buy at least these beautiful silver chopsticks to save as a souvenir.

Traditional Korean embroideryKorean Traditional Dragon Pattern Fabric For Hanbok Dress, 42% OFF

Contemporary times just believe that traditional embroidery has now become a dying art, but there are still some artists who work hard to preserve this engine graft of embroidery in Korea. There are many places that sell embroidered bags, glasses, and pouches, which are among the most popular items sold as an additional souvenir.

Some of the most popular types of embroidery are Pokshik chasu, kamsang chasu, kiyong chasu, and Buddhist Chasu. The most common motifs that you will find in the souvenirs are flowers and animals that are beautifully embroidered on the fabric.

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