7 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Paris: The Ultimate Paris Souvenir Shopping List

July 9, 2024
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Are you planning a trip to Paris soon? If so, you might need a list of the best souvenirs to buy from Paris. These could also be souvenirs from the amazing trip to Paris.

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Best Souvenirs to Buy from Paris

French beretBest Souvenirs to Buy from Paris

French beret is soft and shaped like a flat-ground circular hat. It is one of the most classic and cliche souvenirs that you can carry from Paris. These beautiful hats are often associated with the culture of Paris. They look exquisite in our style of knitted wool.

French berets are beautiful and help keep your head warm in the cold weather of France. These gaps are also readily available all around the setting. Moreover, you can also take these as a gift for your loved ones. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs that are suitable for men, women, and kids as well.

French perfumes10 French Perfume Brands: Tradition and Luxury in a Bottle

There are a number of gifting options in French perfumes. These perfumes have a rich history of their own. French perfumes are believed to be one of the most high-quality fragrances across the globe. Paris also wants to be the hub of perfume-making traditions. This tradition has been there since medieval times, and it is also home to many famous perfume makers.

So, now we are planning a trip to Paris. Make sure to buy the French perfume Vania so the fragrance takes you back to the city of love. When purchasing perfume, try to go for classic French brands like Fragonard and Guerlain. There are some shops that also offer you personalised perfumes with your selection of scents.

Stamped booksA Book from France, stolen 1940 - Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

If you are a bibliophile who loves to read and collect books, this one might be perfect for you. Shakespeare and Company is a beautiful bookstore renowned for English language immigrant books. It is located near Notre Dame on Paris’s left bank. This bookstore was inaugurated in 1951 and has been popular since then. This place was once known to be the stamping ground of both artists and writers.

Those artists and writers included Hemingway and Fitzgerald. This store has a serene and old-world charm to it. It is famous across the globe for its authentic selection of books. The books bought from the store with the store’s stamp could be an ideal souvenir for your Bb file self or your file friends. At last, they also store lots of vintage posters and some postcards that you can collect.

CheeseWhat Is Cheese? - Recipes.net

It might sound a little weird to some, but she could be a great souvenir from your Paris trip. As it is pretty known, Paris has a white collection of cheese that is a little special. This city has a vast variety of cheese available, and the quality it offers is unmatched.

It is believed that there are 365 kinds of cheese that you can find in France. However, while buying the cheese, make sure to firstly try different types of cheese and get the one you like the best, as there are many varieties with many kinds of tastes.

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MustardTexas Mustard Sauce

Mustard is the most common and popular spice in the world. France is known to be the hub of mustard manufacture; it has been so not just for the last few years but since the late Middle Ages. However, there is no standard market that has dedicated sales mustard, but you can find it anywhere in France. The most popular one you’ll find here is Dijon mustard. And it is known to be the traditional mustard of France. The sauce is made out of mustard seeds and wine.

Sometimes, other than wine, they also use vinegar, and the kind of wine used in making this mustard sauce is white wine. You can also find different varieties of mustard hair, such as honey mustard, which has a sweeter palette. Further, you can also create a variety of your own by combining two or three different kinds of mustard. For someone who likes to collect spices and more about them, this could be the best souvenir for them.

French SoapsClassic French Soaps | Savon de Marseille | Pure French Soaps

Soaps have been a famous and authentic find in France. These have been crafted skillfully in France since the medieval ages. These are believed to be made from the traditional methods that make them the finest quality. These soaps give a luxurious feel and are soft and long-lasting as well.

Moreover, there is a massive variety of these soaps that you can easily find anywhere in France. The most popular shops to buy them from are Marseille Soap House and L’Occitane en Provence. Furthermore, these soaps are available in a number of scents, and some exclusive seasonal scents could also be spotted.

Handmade BagsHandmade Leather Bags by Archipel – TLmagazine

If you are travelling to Paris, you might already be aware that it is identified with elegance and style. You should also know that this country is known to be the manufacturer of some of the finest clothing and accessories. One such thing is the handmade bags that you can buy as a souvenir from your trip to Paris. The quality of the leather you’ll find in the bags here is unmatched, and so is the variety.

The craftsmanship here is flawless and can be classified as per your budget. There are bags that vary in their price; some of them are quite affordable, while some are classified as high-end and luxury. When planning a trip to Paris, do not forget to get one for yourself or your loved ones.

Final Thought

As we have come to the end of the list of the 7 must-buy souvenirs in Paris, there are many more things, such as French knives, scarves, wine, champagne, and chocolate. Make sure you explore the city and find what suits you best.

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