Liquor Lovers’ Guide: 7 Most Popular Liquor Stores In Delhi Uncovered

May 22, 2024
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Are you looking for liquor stores in Delhi that always have luxury retreats? Delhi, India’s vibrant capital, has some of the best and most popular hubs for wine lovers. It is filled with rich wine and is available at numerous exceptional wine outlets. Therefore, we have curated a list of seven liquor stores in Delhi for you.

These stores are filled with the rich tastes of luxury wines and wines that are poured smoothly at cafes with mouth-watering appetisers, they cater to all tastes. Come along as we explore the finest seven wine shops in Delhi, each offering a delightful array of wines sourced from across the globe, promising a journey of exquisite tastes and discoveries.

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Exploring 7 Most Popular Liquor Stores In Delhi

Delhi Liquor CoLiquor shop in Delhi

Delhi Liquor Co is the first ever luxury and best liquor store in Delhi. Delhi Liquor Co is the spot where you can grab everything you were possibly looking for. Here, you can taste luxury liquor like never before and unlike any other liquor stores in Delhi. This iconic store offers a selection of high-end liquors and fine-quality wine.

If you want to experience the ultimate taste of luxury liquor, you can visit this store located at a prime location that is easy to locate. If you a Delhiite, this place might need no introduction to you, as it is popular among not just locals  but viistors as well.

One of the best features of this place is that it offers a unique experience with its café where you can enjoy mouth-watering delicious appetisers. It also provides various brands of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes, and luxurious beers and wines. 

La Cave

Counted as one of the best liquor stores in Delhi, La Cave is spread over 5,000 sq ft. This store is believed to be India’s No.1 retail premium wine shop for customers who want to experience a luxurious feel. La Cave finds and sells outstanding wines and spirits for people who love fancy and elegant drinks.

They also promise to give your customers the best help and service possible. Their doorstep delivery makes it easier to get your choice of beer, wine, and any liquor from their store, which is ready to be served at your doorstep. 

Discover Wines Photo

Situated centrally in Gurgaon, Discovery Wines L1 is India’s largest liquor store chain. They have the most extensive and exquisite collection of fine wines and spirits. Here, you will be able to find some of the most expensive and luxury wines as well. You can also get the most famous beers, Scotch and much more here. Discover Wines is known for its rich history as it has come through decades of dedication. 

Over the last few years, Discovery Wines has become such a reputed and unshakable commitment to quality and quality customer satisfaction. Standing still on their tradition yet working continuously in showcasing modernity, this place will give you a unique experience with each of its bottles.

At last, they also have a liquor delivery option for your desired place to get your choice of liquor at ease at the convinience of your doorstep.

Pegs & Kegs

Pegs and Kegs is one of the most well-known liquor stores in Delhi. It is located at the DLF South Court but has many other outlets all acorss not just Delhi but nationwide. Pegs & Kegs is the perfect place for all your fancy alcohol needs that you can fulfil now at right in the city of Delhi.

They have a wide range of local and imported liquor brands available. Ranging from some of the most luxe brands to brands that are popular among locals, this place has something for everyone. One cool feature of this place is that they run multiple offers throughout the year that last until they run out of stock.

In a nutshell, you’ll have to hurry and visit this new store in town to get your weekend supplies with the best deals they have to offer right now.

MKS Wine Shops

MKS Wine Shop in Mayur Vihar is part of a chain of renowned stores that are known for their wide selection. The brand has multiple outlets in various different locations within Delhi. It is a must visit and a crowd favourite spot in Delhi that is known as one of India’s most prominent wine shop dealers.

Whether it is a fine vintage bottle or a famous label that is not easy to find anywhere, this place will bring you some of the most curated options that will suit every occasion. This place is also famous for its excellent customer service and skilled staff who are ready to answer your queries.

Overall, MKS Wine Shops provides occassionals and enthusiasts with a welcoming and informative shopping experience that many come to appreciate and enjoy.

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar 

In the list of best liquor stores in Delhi, Peach Wine and Coffee bar is an exception. The feature that made us include it in the list is its great selection of wine that sometimes isn’t easy to find. This bar in Khan Market, Delhi, is different from your usual wine shop as it is not just a shop but a bar.

This place stands out because it also offers a vibrant menu that includes an impressive selection of wines and speciality coffees, teas, and delicious food options. This place also has an outdoor seating option, where you can enjoy your drinks in the vibrant atmosphere of Khan Market. 

The Liquor StoreLiquor stores in Delhi

Located at the DLF Mall of India, this is a popular destination for alcohol enthusiasts in the city. The Liquor store offers a diverse range of alcoholic beverages. This store has something for everyone to suit their needs, from rich wine and whiskey to craft beers.

This place is primarily known for its wide selection and competitive prices; therefore, it is a favourite spot among the locals and visitors alike. The shop is located in Delhi and has the most extensive liquor variety, including wine, beer, Scotch, whiskey and much more; it provides the best prices, promotions and discounts.

So, whether you’re stocking up for a special occasion or simply looking to unwind after a long day, this store has everything you need to satisfy your cravings for quality liquor.

Final Thoughts

As we finish exploring the best liquor stores in Delhi, we see that the city’s wine scene is diverse and is hub for some of the most luxurious wines and malts. In this list, you will be able to located small stores with rare wines and fancy shops with carefully chosen selections as well. It is believed that Delhi’s love for wine keeps growing, inviting everyone to enjoy and learn about wine. Whether you’re celebrating something special or just want to try new kinds of wine, Delhi’s wine shops have something for every occasion.

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