Whiskey That Reflects Class: Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey, An Ultra-Luxury Premium Spirit

May 14, 2024
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The Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey

The Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey is esteemed as the ‘Kohinoor of single malts‘, carrying a substantial price tag of INR 5 Lakh per bottle. It has garnered prestigious awards, notably the Double Gold Medal in San Francisco, USA. This epitome of refined luxury undergoes ageing in the serene foothills of the Himalayas, adding to its allure.

Distinguished as India’s sole whiskey, which commands such a lofty price, it holds an esteemed status among the nation’s elite spirits. The company asserts that a mere 400 bottles have been released, with just the final two remaining available for purchase exclusively at Hyderabad duty-free. These last two bottles are more than just whiskey; they symbolise the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship and heritage, promising an unparalleled sensory journey unlike any other.

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Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey

The Beginning of Rampur Whiskeys 
Whiskey: Rampur Distillery

Established in 1943 under Rampur Distillery, the company has since evolved into a prominent figure in India’s spirits industry to create Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey and many more such masterpiece. The whiskey is manufactured by the franchise known as Radico Khaitan.

Their unwavering commitment has always revolved around satisfying their valued customers and ensuring the highest standards of brand integrity. With over 75 years of experience in distillation, they have mastered the art of creating exceptional spirits, meticulously handcrafting each one to perfection.

Among their illustrious offerings, the Rampur India Single Malt whiskey stands out as a recent addition, symbolising the epitome of royal heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. 

Details about The Rampur Signature Single Malt Whiskey 

Colour: The whiskey displays a deep, dark amber colour with a touch of reddish mahogany undertones.

Taste: This luxury whiskey presents a delightful blend of rich notes intertwined with creamy vanilla and luscious toffee undertones. Adding to its complexity, a nuanced spiciness emerges, unveiling a range of flavours such as cinnamon, dried fruits, and nutty essences, providing a multi-layered sensory experience.

Palate: The texture is exceptionally thick and creamy, coating your palate with a luxurious sensation. Following this, you’ll experience a medley of flavours reminiscent of raisins, toffees, festive desserts, and a hint of cinnamon. This malt offers a genuinely indulgent flavour profile. It lingers pleasantly, leaving a lasting impression. The enduring presence of dried fruits and spicy oak flavours persists for an extended duration. 

Ageing: This special edition undergoes a meticulous ageing process within American Standard Oak Barrels, gradually developing its unique character over an extended period amidst the scorching summer heat. With each passing day, the luxury whiskey absorbs the rich essence of the oak, resulting in a refined and complex flavour profile that exemplifies the epitome of craftsmanship. 

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Similar to the masterpiece,Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey, there are a few additions that can give you a hint of luxury that Rampur Signature Reserve offers. Here are a few of the carefully crafted masterpieces. 

Rampur Double Cask Whiskey: This masterpiece is crafted by ageing the whiskey into two distinct types of casks. This ageing process imparts a unique depth of flavour and complexity to the whiskey, creating a rich drinking experience. Carrying a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy taste, this luxury whiskey relieves layers of complexity with every sip. 

Rampur Sherry PX Finish Single Malt Whiskey: Rampur Sherry PX Finish Single Malt Whiskey is a distinctive expression crafted with a touch of peat influence. This exceptional luxury whiskey undergoes ageing in select casks, where it absorbs subtle peaty flavours that add depth and character to the spirit.

The peat smoke intertwines with the rich maltiness of the whiskey, resulting in a complex and intriguing flavour profile. With each sip, you’ll experience a harmonious balance of smoky notes, creamy textures, and hints of spices, creating a truly unique drinking experience.

Rampur Single Cask Whiskey: Rampur Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey is a premium expression that undergoes a unique ageing process in sherry casks. These casks impart rich, fruity notes and a velvety smoothness to the whiskey, creating a luxurious drinking experience. The influence of the sherry casks adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile, with hints of dried fruits, spices, and oak.

Aid towards a positive goalSocial Warriors | Best Social Work Colleges in India - India Today

Radico Khaitan, along with ‘Vyakti Vikas Kendra India’ (Art of Living) and the Government, is helping more areas in Rampur district and areas around Rampur distillery to save water. With successful establishments in Chamraua, Shahbad, and Saidnagar, this project aims to reach over 40% of the local population by raising water levels and creating jobs for young people.

They’re also teaching people about local water sources, rain patterns, and how to manage water better, which helps young people feel more secure about water. At the Radico–Art of Living Skill Development Center, they teach necessary skills like communication, English, and computer use.

In 2023, they trained 195 students, and they started a centre to empower women, where 120 learned sewing and beauty skills. These efforts support the United Nations’ goals for making the world better, and Radico Khaitan is dedicated to continuing these efforts.

Final Thoughts 

Rampur Signature Reserve Single Malt Whiskey is a refined and sophisticated expression that showcases the true craftsmanship and dedication of Rampur Distillery in creating exceptional single malt whiskey. It’s a testament to Rampur Distillery’s innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of single malt whiskey craftsmanship.

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