Global Giants: Top 10 Most Valuable Companies In 2024 Setting Global Standards

June 26, 2024
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Most valuable companies in 2024

Do you know what the most valuable companies in 2024 are? The companies that are known for their creativity, those that carry a net worth of trillions, and those that have stood in the market for more than a century. We have curated a list of the top 10 most valuable companies in the world that have distinctive features and are known to be unique in their approach.

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Top Ten Most Valuable Companies In 2024 


Current CEO Satya Nadella
Net worth: $3,340 Billion.

Microsoft was started by a group of friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It was in 1980 when they sealed a deal to provide the first person with the operating system, the computer of IBM. Microsoft moved its headquarters to Redmond, Washington, and released Windows in 1958.

Microsoft actively engages in other activities such as teaching digital school students with 25 million people, announcing its aim to be Carbon negative by 2030, and further removing all the carbon that it has emitted since the year it was founded in 1975. It has also partnered with USDA to harness data that could help farmers increase yields and grow crops. At last, Microsoft event today stands as one of the largest personal computer software companies in the world.


Currency CEO: Jensen Huang
Net worth: $3,340 Billion.

Nvidia was initially known to be specialising in fast GPUs (Graphics processing units), which are particularly used for computer gaming. It is Nvidia hardware that most AI applications, such as Google’s Bard and Open AI’s ChatGPT, use today. This company has gained popularity due to its accelerated computing to handle and solve challenges easily. Their work and contribution to AI and the metaverse are transforming the largest industries in the world and significantly impacting society.


Current CEO: Tim Cook
Net worth: $3,270 Billion.

Apple is an American multinational technology company known for its revolutionary technology and innovation. A remarkable pair, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founded Apple in 1976.  This brand’s creativity has expanded to not just computer software or computers but mobile tablets, smartphones, and many other gadgets as well. Apple today is known as one of the most organisable brands in the world that was started primarily to bring Graphical User Interference, also known as GUI, into mass adoption.

One of the critical products, Mac computers, was launched in 1984 and has been evolving since then. They have also brushed the gap between smartphones and laptops with the help of the iPad since it was launched in 2010. Further, we have also launched products such as iPod, Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV+, and AirPods.
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Alphabet (Google)

Current CEO: Sundar Pichai
Net worth: $2,190.33 Billion

Alphabet is known as Google’s parent company. It has arranged a diverse portfolio and several group businesses under its command. It is a multinational technology company that was started and restructured by Google’s co-founders.

Alphabet was started in 2015 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Soon after its launch, it was announced that the alphabet is mostly a “collection of companies”. Both Page and Brin Play an active role in the alphabet business through their significant position in the company.


Current CEO: Andy Jassy
Net worth: $1,970 Billion.

Amazon is an international American company focused on e-commerce, online advertising, and digital streaming. Currently, Amazon is considered one of the big five American tech technology companies in the list of those big five companies. The other four are Apple, alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta. It was founded in 1994 in Washington by Jeff Bezos.

The company was originally started as a marketplace for books that operate online. However, it gradually expanded and is now currently offering a wide range of categories and is often referred to as “The everything store“. Amazon is also known for its other services, such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music, Amazon pay, Amazon prime, and Amazon Prime Video.

Saudi Aramco

Current CEO: Amin H. Nasser
Net worth $1,788 Billion

Saudi Aramco is known to be the world’s largest indicated energy and chemical company. It primarily operates in the sector leading to oil and gas. This company is known to be the backbone of the economy of Saudi Arabia. They play a significant role in energy transitions and are responsible for solving the world’s sustainability challenges. They believe in the power of energy that can help transform lives, advance progress, enhance communities, and sustain our loving planet.

Meta (Facebook)

Current CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
Net worth: $1,270 Billion

Meta, which was formally known as the Facebook company, builds technologies that help people connect and find communities. People have also actively used it to grow their businesses. The company aims to help people live in the future, and it has recently changed its name to reflect its commitment to the same.

Currently, Meta owns many platforms. Those platforms include WhatsApp, Instagram, and the Oculus Metaverse. The little one helps to bring a seamless experience to its users where anyone can participate in real-world activities.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMSC)Most valuable companies in 2024

Current CEO: C.C. Wei
Net worth: $894.81 Billion

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company, also known as the MSCSA semiconductor industry. It was founded in 1987. TSMC has served more than 528 customers and claimed to have manufactured more than 11,895 products. They produce products for multiple high-end markets, including smartphones, computers, automotive, and digital electronics.

One less-known fact about this company is that it is also the majority owner of JASM, Japan’s Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, a manufacturing subsidy in Kumamoto, Japan.

Berkshire Hathaway

Currency CEO: Warren Buffett
Net worth: $ 879.21 Billion

Berkshire Hathaway is a multinational holding company. This company is run by the chairman and CEO, Warren Buffett, who is known as one of the most successful investors in the world. Originally, the company started as a textile manufacturer but currently holds a significant interest in many big companies. These companies include Benjamin Moore, Heinz, and Geico.

This company is also populated due to its holding as the most expensive stock on the market currently. The company became a huge success and was marked as one of the largest companies in the world when it achieved a remarkable market capital of over $ 516.5 billion in the year 2019.

Eli Lily

Current CEO: David A. Ricks
Net worth: $ 834.88 Billion

Eli Lily is a Pharmaceutical company based in America and uses science for healing and contributes to making life better for people globally.
This company was founded in 1876 and has a remarkable heritage. Its headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently, this company has more than 44,000 employees spread across the world.

This company has successfully conducted clinical research in more than 55 countries in the world and developed research and development facilities in seven countries. Further, it has been said that their products are currently being marketed in more than 105 countries.


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