The Ultimate Guide To 10 Best Bakeries In India: Serving Tradition And Perfection

June 10, 2024
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Best bakeries in India

There are some of the best bakeries in India that need no introduction but more recognition among foodies and all the people who have a sweet tooth. If you would like to explore bakeries, you might be aware of these names, but let us explore them a little more.

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Ten Best Bakeries In India That You Need To Explore

Ahdoos Bakery, SrinagarSrinagar's iconic Ahdoo's completes 100 years in the conflict zone - Hindustan Times

Ahdoos Bakery is a name that everyone in Kashmir and outside is familiar with. As soon as you step into this bakery, the air here is filled with the aroma of freshly baked puffs and a sweet pastry smell. This week started in 1918 and instantly became everyone’s favourite. It became the first stand-alone restaurant in Srinagar.

It is near the banks of the Jhelum River, and it has remained the same and beautiful for the last decade. Here, you will get a sense of belonging and familiarity; it feels as if you have stepped into the welcoming United Cee House of Delhi. Here, you will get a combination of some old-world charm and some old conversations that took place here long ago.

This bakery serves some of the most delicious and unique pastries, but the thing that is most striking here is that they also serve different cuisines or main courses that are customised as per the settings of this region.

Kookie Jar Bakery, KolkataIconic Kolkata bakery Kookie Jar shuts down factory due to COVID-19 situation | Sangbad Pratidin

Kookie Jar bakery offers a range of products that they freshly make and serve to its customers. Kookie Jar Bakery is a small and beautiful place. The menu here is prepared freshly, and all of the items that are prepared ensure a quality offering. It has a number of outlets throughout Kolkata, but the first modern pry in Kolkata was Loudon Street.

This bakery is said to introduce Kolkata folks to modern bakery products. We must try the black forest pastry and pineapple pastry here. It also has a wide variety of Puffs. Some of the most popular ones are chicken envelope, corn, and mushroom puff, but you will also find many other options here. All of them are unique in their own way.

If you have a sweet tooth, this place in Kolkata is a must-visit for you. Other than pastries and puffs, there are also a number of sweet treats, such as brownies and toffee gateau.

Wenger’s Bakery, New DelhiNostalgic Story Behind New Delhi's Oldest Bakery Wenger's

Wenger’s Deli Bakery is one of the oldest bakery in Delhi. It was established and started in the year 1924. It used to cater to the needs of British troops who were accommodated in Delhi. In 2016, it was only a small tea room and confectionery that was located in Kashmiri Gate, Delhi. It was in the late 20s and early 30s when it shifted from its prime location from Kashmiri Gate to Connaught Place.

Later, being located in a central location in Delhi, it started growing successfully and became one of Delhi’s favourite spots. This bakery carries a legacy of several decades and is one of the oldest establishments in Connaught Place. It was in 2011 that they started a new outlet called Wenger’s Deli, where they serve food in Deli style.

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Kayani Bakery, PuneBaking happiness: When Pune's Kayani wanted to rename Shrewsbury biscuits - Hindustan Times

Kayani Bakers is counted as one of the world’s 150 legendary desert places. This bakery was set up in the year 1955. It was started by three brothers, Hormazdiar, Khodayar, and Rustom Kayani. It started when they came from Iran and moved to Mumbai, then shifted to Pune in search of a better life. This bakery is a home where you can set up clothes, fresh biscuits, breads, and cakes to get beat.

This Bakery has also maintained its name among India’s Best Sixth desert places in the world, as shown by Taste Atlas, a global food magazine published by researchers. Here, you can have a sweet experience as well as munch on savoury snacks. It first started by selling a few items, such as baked bread, pastries, and puffs, but later introduced many new items on the menu and gained fame and popularity among locals as well as visitors.

Karachi Bakery, HyderabadHyderabad's Karachi Bakery recognised as one of the world's best dessert places

Karachi Bakery, which is located in Hyderabad, India. It is a true reflection of iconic bakeries in India. This bakery has popularised as an icon of Hyderabad baking, which is unmatched to date. They focus on not just the innovation of new products but also the improvement of the existing products in the venue for their visitors. They offer a combination of traditions along with trends that many come to appreciate.

They have a variety of baked goods and confectionery that you can enjoy here, regardless of what group you belong to. Their secret of excellence lies within the freshness of their products and their commitment to providing only the best to their customers. They have maintained their quality over the keys, and it is Unmatched to date.

From the preparation to waking to storage and packaging, everything here is unique and appreciable. This bakery is also famous for maintaining good relationships with customers and establishing successful relationships with their employees to provide them with the best items in the town.

Nahoum & Sons, KolkataThe last Jewish bakery of Kolkata | Times of India Travel

Nahoum’s and Sons Bakery in Kolkata is it true food is paradise. It appears well with the Bengali love for food, and this bakery serves the culinary charm that many come to appreciate. It was established by a Baghdadi Jew named Nahoum Israel Mordaecai in the year 1902. This bakery is 121 years old and is one of the oldest ones in the city. This bakery is filled with vintage eateries and freshly baked items.

It is also one of the oldest Jewish establishments in the city and is still thriving to date. It’s of some of the creamiest pastries and a rich historical background to its visitors. This weekly event has always been one of a kind, as it started the concept of deserts in the town and introduced some traditional Jewish foods and confectionaries. These included Baklawa and Challah bread. We must try bakery items such as lemon art, chicken patties, Roman rings, rum, balls, Baklawa, and cheese Samosa.

Albert Bakery, BangaloreOLD IS GOLD – Albert Bakery |

Albert Bakery is a reflection of Bangalore’s creative food culture. It is a 116-year-old bakery which is located in Karnataka. It is one of the most iconic places that sells mouth-watering dishes. It is counted as one of old Bangalore’s favourite sports, and the rush hair near the star season is something that is unlikely to be witnessed in any other place.

Today, this century-old bakery’s dance is a must-visit place in Bangalore. It was started in 1902 by Mohammed Sulaiman, Sabir’s great-grandfather. Sabir is the current owner of this bakery. At first, it started as a godown that used to supply bread, biscuits, and buns, but the bakery today stands as one of the most popular destinations of the locals as visitors.

As you step in the bakery, you will get a whiff of freshly wheat goods and tempting-looking pastries. It serves everything, from pastries to cakes to plain croissants and biscuits. There are also a number of safe snacks that you can enjoy here, such as garlic bread. They also serve festive or seasonal specials such as chicken Keema during Amazon and non-alcoholic plum cake for Christmas; they also have hot cross buns for Good Friday and Marzipan Easter eggs for Easter.

Jila Bakery, GoaJila Bakers and Confectioners - Make It Happen

Jila Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in India. It is located in a small village in Goa. It was established in 1972, and it is a family business. This business came into being when one of its members left the corporate life of Taj as a former pastry chef and started to settle down in a small village in Goa. It is believed that it was Indira Gandhi’s favourite bakery, then.

It is most popular for its eclairs. It was due to this small desert that the bakery gained its prestige and quickly became popular among the rural areas as well as from not only Goa but other parts of India. They have a wide variety of items, such as cakes and biscuits. Finally, we recommend that when he is here, whether you try anything else or not, you try the chocolate necklace that made this place the iconic bakery that it is today.

Flurys Bakery, KolkataFlurys in Salt Lake City Sector 1,Kolkata - Order Food Online - Best Bakeries in Kolkata - Justdial

Flurys Bakery was founded and started in the year 1927. It was Mr and Mrs Flury who started this bakery and gained popularity among customers rather quickly. Among us visitor, it became a popular and their favourite tea room that Britishers, as well as affluent Indians, came to appreciate. Over the decades, flurry has become a part of Kolkata’s culture. It is believed that the then when someone used to for work, they used to feel incomplete if they do not visit this legendary weekly.

Today, this weekly stands as a strong institution that has sentimental emotions connected over generations. This place not only serves big goods but is also committed to establishing a sense of community among its customers. This bakery is seen as a landmark in itself as people from all across the group come back to visit this bakery to get a taste of their freshly baked items.

The popularity of this bakery can be understood by the fact that this bakery has over 40 outlets in Kolkata, and one of these outlets is established in Navi Mumbai as well. The most popular outlet is said to be situated on the ground floor of a century-old building. Finally, it would be fair to say that this bakery is a legend of Park Street in Kolkata, serving some of the most fashionable desserts in India.

City Bakery, MumbaiPahelvi Bakery, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai | Zomato

City Bakery is an iconic bakery situated in Mumbai. It was founded in 1945 and was established as a family business. It started as a tiny shack, which later became one of the most iconic bakeries in India. The quality of the food items here is one of the finest in the town, and they serve to a range of food items. It serves some of the most delicious and lips-smacking products, such as Walnuts Brownies, and Khaari

It serves both sweet and sly lights. Some of its regular customers are the most iconic celebrities of Bollywood, and some well-known names are Asha Bhosle and Isha Ambani. It is also a must visit place for some of the most popular television celebrities.

Final Thoughts

If you have visited these bakeries already, you might be aware of the reason for their popularity, but if you have yet to visit these bakeries in India, make sure to explore them and let us know how you like them.

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