The 5 Best Jungle Safaris In The World To Be Added To Your Bucket List If You Are A Sucker For The Wildlife

October 8, 2023
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best jungle safaris in the world

Safaris are a whole ‘another planet’ experience, with camping under the stars and wildlife viewing in its natural setting. Where else can you escape the monotony of living in a concrete jungle or doing the same things daily? To satisfy such cravings of yours, there are the best jungle safaris in the world.

Only on these jungle safaris one may witness the awe-inspiring views of a majestic lion in his hunting grounds, hundreds of elephants leisurely strolling across the broad plains, or up-close encounters with a notoriously elusive leopard. Many safaris available today are animal protection or biodiversity preservation centres. 

The best jungle safaris in the world are unquestionably worth the money because there is a good chance of seeing some endangered animal species and relaxing beneath the stars. Many enjoy safaris in different parts of the world to interact with the local wildlife. Booking a ticket for one of these safaris is tricky, but you must be careful about the time and day. 

These jungle safaris are primarily found in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Because they are close to major cities, travelling there via international airports is simple. The five best jungle safaris in the world to visit animals are discussed in this brief article. You’ll be delighted to learn that just a select few people have ever been able to see them all. So, are you ready to be the select few?

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5 best jungle safaris in the world

Masai Mara Safari, Kenya

best jungle safaris in the world

The Masai Mara Safari cannot be overlooked while discussing best jungle safaris in the world. It would be best to fly to Nairobi, then travel by bus or car for three hours over Kenya’s erratic roads. That’s where you enter the restricted Masai area. It offers individuals a different outlook on life because the Masai tribe has lived there for over three thousand years. The wild animals and their land are very close to the Masai.

It is preferable to travel there with a guide who speaks the local tongue. Foreign visitors are welcomed by the Masai with open arms as long as they don’t criticise their way of life and try to fit in while there. The Masai Mara National Park is home to tigers, elephants, pumas, lions, and giraffes, among other wild creatures and hence on the top of our list of best jungle safaris in the world.

As you enter the National Park, a fee will be required. This money is used by the Kenyan government to support the Masai tribe, giving them greater motivation to keep cultivating their land and preserving the wildlife as it was thousands of years ago. 

When visiting Kenya, it’s the place to be, and it will make you feel proud to be there. June through October are the finest for travel for this safari.

Ranthambore National Park, India

best jungle safaris in the world

This national Park, is one of the best jungle safaris in the world from India, and is ideally situated in Rajasthan. The site is easily accessible by train, and you may find family-friendly accommodations nearby. The guides are easy to locate; you can drive or walk to the National Park.

Lions, tigers, hyenas, jackals, jungle cats, and other rare animals that can only be found in the Indian wilderness may all be found in the Park. You should approach the location with humility and great respect because it used to be a hunting area for Indian royalty. This stands on the second position of best jungle safaris in the world. and also the first position in best jungle safaris in India

The best time to visit Ranthambore is between June and September.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

best jungle safaris in the world

Numerous tribes in South Africa live close to the wildlife. The safari held in the Kruger National Park is one of the best jungle safaris in the world can go on when visiting South Africa. People take very severe measures to safeguard woods and wildlife. You must thus be aware of your actions and anticipate when you must get out of the car and pursue some lions and tigers.

South African best jungle safaris are more expensive than anywhere else in the world but also tend to be more planned. While you visit the Kruger National Park, you also see more animals and have more opportunities to experience the ideal weather because the Park is closed while it’s raining.

The largest national Park in South Africa would be an alternative to visiting by automobile. The Kruger National Park is renowned for its excellent roads and passenger safety. To see and examine the wildlife, you must pay a charge to the local government. However, the enormous elephants, lions, and tigers you are about to encounter there will pay you for your services. You can get a good view of South Africa’s wildlife in the Park, which has antelopes and other species like zebras.

May through October would be the ideal months to visit.

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

best jungle safaris in the world

Only when Tanzania is part of your itinerary can you expect more from your trip to Africa? That excursion is always fantastic when you have a business that understands how to recognise and appreciate the animals. Tanzania is visited by tourists worldwide who come to see the ancient forests and the origins of the major rivers that flow across Africa.

The highest concentration of lions and tigers to admire may be found in the Serengeti Park, which stretches from Tanzania to Kenya and hence is one of the best jungle safaris in the world. In addition, there are many elephants and hyenas, which are still among the top cats in the world. One of the largest national parks in the world, it is also a place where you cannot spend the night. To be close enough to the Park at the appropriate time to observe the animals’ daily activities, you must have plans to stay nearby and return in the morning.

Serengeti Park in Tanzania is another well-known national park perfect for a safari. You can move about the Park in the most effective ways possible to avoid getting hurt while admiring all the exotic animals. An old tribe resides in the Serengeti park and coexists well with its surroundings. The visitors to this Park, like taking pictures of the wildlife, are pretty particular about keeping it clean, and, of course, they never provide food to the wild animals. It’s one of Africa’s most remarkable national parks for a safari.

The correct time for this safari would be May through December. 

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

best jungle safaris in the world

The Yala National Park, also known as Ruhunu National Park, is the most popular national Park in Sri Lanka because of the variety of species it is home to. Due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean, the well-known Yala National Park supports biodiversity. Animals, including leopards, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and other bird species, call Yala’s dense and rich terrain home.

You can also venture further into the forest to see centuries-old cave paintings, Buddhist ruins, and pilgrimage sites for a different experience. Alternatively, you can stay in one of the opulent hotels with private pools. The ideal travel window is from February to June. These variations has helped Yala be in the list of best jungle safaris in the world.

Final Thoughts

How do you want to spend your holidays now that you know some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife safaris? Laying in your bed at home or in a safari park around the world while you’re on vacation under the stars. 

Which safari destination will be next on your travel wish list?

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