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most expensive dishes

Luxury In Every Bite: 10 Most Expensive Dishes In India

Indians have a saying that you can reach a person’s heart by satisfying or appealing to the stomach. So basically, Indians are foodies, and we get delighted very quickly if we have tasty food on the plate. But have you thought while eating a 20 INR plate of Panipuri, how
most expensive teas in the world

The Luxurious Flush: 8 Most Expensive Teas In The World

October 10, 2023
Tea, a popular beverage around the world, has a long history and cultural significance. There is a domain of luxury and exclusivity within the tea field that distinguishes particular varieties from the ordinary and claims to have the most expensive teas in the world. Like any other product, tea is
most expensive perfumes in the world

Luxury In A Bottle: 5 Most Expensive Perfumes In The World

October 7, 2023
In our lives, fragrances communicate tales, create emotions, and freeze moments in time in addition to simply smelling good on our skin. The captivating attraction of vanilla scent is only one example of how the ancient art of perfumery has worked its magic for millennia to combine nature’s most expensive

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