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most expensive wedding venues in India

5 Most Expensive Wedding Venues In India: Heavenly Marriages With A Splash Of Luxury

September 30, 2023
It is known as the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” for a reason, it takes place in the most expensive wedding venues in India. Weddings are extravagant and enormous in the country. With every passing day, Indian weddings continue to grow in size, and more expensive weddings are happening with each wedding season. Palace nuptials, elaborate themes, and weeklong parties have
most expensive Indian weddings

The Luxurious Nuptials: 5 Most Expensive Indian Weddings

India is famous for extravagant weddings and how they turn out to be the most expensive Indian weddings of a specific period. People splash out to make the event a grand affair so that it is remembered for a long time, including opulent decorations and pricey gifts. Even in tough

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