Travel Life, King Size: 5 Most Expensive Travel Destinations Of The World

September 26, 2023
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most expensive travel destinations of the world

It is well-known that travel is fun, but it is also crucial to understand that specific vacation destinations can turn out to be most expensive travel destinations. There are an infinite number of sites to visit in the World, but if you wanna live the rich life then find out the most lavish travel destinations in this article.

Before you go spending all your money on a vacation, it is essential to find a good deal. It is a crucial part in enjoying the expensive travel destinations while also staying friendly to your pocket. However, no matter the planning, there are a plethora of opulent travel options that tempt you to throw your budget out the window. 

So, if you are looking forward to a lavish vacation next, strap in for a luxurious adventure with our Travel Life, King Size: 5 Most Expensive Travel Destinations of the World. Discover the best travel destinations, each with its distinct blend of richness, peace, and exclusivity. Believe us when we say the wanderlust in you will thank us later!

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5 Most Expensive Travel Destinations 


most expensive travel destinations of the world

Norway’s capital is picturesque and charming, full of Scandinavian charm and reminiscent of the Viking past of the Norwegians. The vicinity of magnificent mountain vistas, famous fjords, and rows upon rows of colourful buildings can easily steal your breath away. Like its Scandinavian equivalents, Oslo is clean and safe, and most of the populace speaks virtually flawless English, making it easy for untrained travellers to move around and explore.

Scandinavia is connected with high prices. Even without hitting the upper tiers of Norwegian luxury, day-to-day expenses in Oslo remain exorbitant. Private visits to the fjords or its selection of elite hotels more than justifies the Norwegian capital’s inclusion on our list. 

St. Barts

most expensive travel destinations of the world
Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy skyline and harbor in the West Indies of the Caribbean.

St. Barts exudes luxury, from its immaculate white beaches to deep blue water. This Caribbean jewel is a favourite among the affluent and famous for its stately houses, high-end stores, and gourmet eateries.

Every day on this expensive travel destination can be a new adventure. Set sail on a luxury yacht and scuba dive to explore the colourful marine life, or relax on one of the island’s numerous isolated beaches. The icing on the cake? As the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea, you can enjoy a private meal prepared by a renowned chef.

A 5-day holiday on this island will set you back approximately $2,181. If you want to spend less money on a Caribbean vacation, there are several more affordable Caribbean islands to select from.


most expensive travel destinations of the world

Monaco is one of the most expensive travel destinations to visit this year. Monaco, a playground for the rich and famous, has a reputation for being opulent and not a destination to visit on a budget. Accommodation ranges from mid-range to costly, with a typical night at a luxury hotel costing about $800.

This tiny country is well-known for being affluent and famous, complete with high-end casinos, restaurants, bars, and designer shops. Fortunately, this European micro-nation is small enough to be visited on a day trip from a more reasonable place such as Marseille, France.

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most expensive travel destinations of the world

The never-ending summer on the islands is costly. Not only does it have beautiful beaches, but it also has the world’s most expensive luxury hotel. This list is based on a global study of the bare minimum that a couple must pay to stay overnight at the world’s most opulent accommodations. 

Unsurprisingly, the island is a private resort with 17 luxurious villas made of mahogany and African teak wood and featuring marble floors, ocean views, jacuzzis, and infinity pools. The alternative is deeply committed to environmental preservation. Thus, the island’s jungle and seven beaches are well-protected. Windsurfing and guided hiking are two of the activities available. How much does it costs to live in one of these most expensive travel destinations? Well, villas must be hired for at least three days, and fees begin around $3,000—or about $1,000 per day!


most expensive travel destinations of the world

Dubai is a testimony to modern luxury, with its skyscrapers, expensive hotels, and gourmet culinary scene. Dubai lives up to its nickname, “The City of Gold,” from its cutting-edge amusement parks to its sprawling shopping malls.

In the last decade or so, much has been said about Dubai. This Middle Eastern expensive travel destination has become a paragon of modern excess, which has made it popular with wealthy tourists. The affluent built Dubai, financed by oil money, for the rich as a playground for those who could afford it. 

Dubai is about spending money, from man-made islands to the luxury Burj Al Arab and soaring structures. You should only visit this location if you’re on a grand budget!

Dubai’s World of Luxury is a playground for sheikhs and billionaires, with a plethora of opulent hotels. Some beds even have underwater views – can this be considered a sea view? Most resorts in this area charge upwards of £1,000 per night. On a 75-foot yacht, you could push the boat out a little more for an hourly charge of around $1467.

Final Thoughts

Each vacation destination offers a distinct blend of high-end hotels, world-class food, personalised experiences, and, in many cases, a magnificent natural or urban setting. These destinations provide unrivalled luxury, from exclusive island resorts and overwater bungalows to royal castles and skyscraper suites.

Should you consider a luxury vacation in the most expensive travel destinations in the World? Definitely! A luxury and expensive travel experience allows you to sample the best of what the World of travel has to offer. It offers first-rate accommodations, superb food, personalised services, and special activities that will leave you with beautiful memories.

With that, we come to the end of our most expensive travel destinations in the World. Each destination offers a distinct blend of adventures and luxury to suit every discriminating traveller’s preferences. So, which of these places will be your next luxury vacation?

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