Sushi Kirimon Serves Sushi Worth $2,457 On The Exquisite “Kiwami Omakase” Course

August 18, 2023
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Most Expensive sushi

In the heart of Osaka, the beating modern heartland of Japan lies a culinary experience that is truly transcendental. The Sushi Kirimon restaurant, famed for its authentic culinary techniques and rare ingredients, has recently added a dish that has taken the world by storm: the “Kiwami Omakase” course. A tantalizing ensemble of 20 pieces is definitely tantalizing to the tastebuds and comes with a high price tag of JP¥350,000 (approximately £1,927 or $2,475). Its lavishness has led to its fame as the world’s most expensive sushi.

The Culinary Legacy of Sushi

Expensive sushi

Before diving into the luxurious ensemble crafted by Sushi Kirimon, it’s very important to understand the rich history and artistry behind sushi, a dish emblematic of Japanese culture.

At its core, it represents a mixture of vinegared rice mixed with a variety of toppings or fillings, most commonly seafood. While most people link this delicacy with raw fish, it’s crucial to note that not all sushi features raw ingredients. The art of sushi-making dates back to ancient times. Originating in Southeast Asia, the fish was fermented with rice to preserve it. This way of preservation then traveled north to Japan, undergoing several evolutions. By the Edo Period (17th to 19th century), the form is closely resembling today’s version began to take shape in Tokyo (then called Edo).

One fantastic thing about sushi is its original purpose: preservation. The rice was used to ferment the fish, and when the fermentation process completes, the rice was thrown away, and only the fish was consumed. However, this hugely differs from contemporary dish, where the rice plays an equally central part as the fish.

The Most Expensive Sushi

These Are The Most Expensive Sushi Meals In The World

Now, returning to the mesmerizing creation of Sushi Kirimon, one can’t help but think how sushi, a dish rooted in preservation and necessity, has transcended its origins to become an epitome of culinary luxury and artistry. From its simple beginnings in ancient Southeast Asia to the international fame of the “Kiwami Omakase” course in modern-day Osaka, sushi’s journey is a testament to the timeless allure of combining simple ingredients to create gastronomic wonders.

This newly-acclaimed title snatched the old record set in 2010 by the gifted chef Angelito Araneta Jr. His breathtaking creation, a five-piece nigiri set adorned with precious diamonds and cloaked in shimmering 24-karat gold leaf, was priced at a staggering 91,800 Philippine Pesos (about £1,313 or $1,978).

However, what sets Kirimon’s creation apart is its unwavering commitment to Washoku – the art and essence of traditional Japanese cuisine. Instead of resorting to overly extravagant additions, this Osaka-based gem has crafted the “Kiwami Omakase” by handpicking the finest ingredients hidden in Japan.

Most of the ensemble consists of the classic nigiri, an elegant morsel of raw fish gracefully draped over a perfectly shaped ball of well-seasoned rice. However, there’s a delicious surprise in a single piece of maki, a meticulously crafted sushi roll.

Japanese Restaurant Serves World's Most Expensive Sushi Worth Over Rs 2 Lakh | Viral News, Times Now

To really admire the artistry and finesse behind the “Kiwami Omakase” course, let’s delve into its delectable components:

A sublime pairing of White tilefish and opulent beluga caviar.

The subtle flavor of Shinko (baby gizzard shad) captures the spirit of the seas.

Rich cuts of Pacific bluefin tuna, Chum salmon, and Bigfin reef squid.

The controversial but deeply traditional Sei whale tail meat.

The Murasaki (purple) and Bafun (green) are a duo of sea urchins.

Succulent steamed abalone.

An expansive slice of futomaki (literally, ‘fat roll’) that harmoniously blends flavors from ingredients like hairy crab, conger eel, dried mullet roe, monkfish liver, matsutake, and shiitake mushrooms, kanpyo, Oboro, and the subtle sweetness of egg.

An exploration of tuna with cuts ranging from the fatty belly to the lean back.

The sumptuousness of Japanese tiger prawn and Button shrimp is accentuated with beluga caviar.

A delightful juxtaposition of Conger eel and a blend of Sea eel with the earthy aroma of black truffle.

And finally, the succulent, melt-in-the-mouth texture of Hairy crab, complemented again with beluga caviar.

A lavish sprinkling of gold leaf then crowns this culinary masterpiece. The journey of these ingredients is really interesting. From the tilefish of Oita in Kyushu to the button shrimp of Hokkaido, the Shinko fish from Shizuoka on Honshu to the tiger prawns of Awaji – the “Kiwami Omakase” is a journey through Japan on a plate.

The dedication to perfection continues as the rice for the nigiri, sourced from Akita, blends beautifully with the sushi vinegar. This is a secret mixture of aged vinegar from Tokyo and Chiba. The maki, meanwhile, boasts a mix of Akita rice and the prized Tsuyahime rice from Yamagata.

A few international touches include matsutake mushrooms from China, fragrant black truffles from Italy, and Sei whale meat from the vast North Atlantic Ocean.

Sushi Kirimon is not just selling expensive delicacy but a multisensory experience. The passion and effort poured into every element of this dish, from sourcing to presentation, justify its monumental price tag. It promises to be unforgettable for those lucky enough to partake in this experience.

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