Sushi Supreme: 10 Finest And Best Sushi Served Around The Globe

June 11, 2024
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Best sushi

How many varieties of best sushi have you tried? You might have tried the Spicy Tuna, but have you tried the Dragon roll? The art of making sushi is a true reflection of one’s skills and dedication, as this art can only be skilled after a span of years. 

Most of the sushi is believed to have been introduced in the Edo dynasty in Japan, but there are many more that were later introduced. The name of this sushi might sound familiar and unique and true to their name, but the taste of this sushi is also unique. We have carefully curated a list of 10 sushi items that you need to try in restaurants the next time you go on a hunt to find good sushi.

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Ten Best Sushi Types That You Need To Explore

Rainbow RollBest sushi

A rainbow sushi roll is just the perfect rule for you. If you are someone who likes sushi, it’s filled with quality ingredients. It is made with prawn tempura. Rainbow rose sushi is also known to be a type of Uramaki Sushi roll that is typically filled with cucumber, Crab stick, and avocado.

However, there can be multiple types of fish that could be used as an alternative, such as salmon, white fish, yellow tail, tuna, and snapper. The name, Rainbow roll of this sushi comes from the colourful patterns of raw fish and the fruits that are the source of aesthetics of the sushi. Further, sushi, for certain reasons, is also known as dragon roll, fish roll, and Geisha roll.

Spicy Tuna sushiSpicy Tuna Roll, types of sushi

The spicy tuna Nirigiri sushi is said to be an important part of Japan’s culinary world. It is one of the earliest forms of sushi, which started in Japan. As per the chef Yoko Isassi, Spicy tuna sushi was invented only after the advent of refrigeration in the year 1913. However, a restaurant in LA named Kawafuku is said to have been the origin of this sushi. This restaurant was opened in 1966 with the guidance of some of the most skilful chefs.

It was among those chefs that Japanese chef Jean Nakayama of Maneki, who used to work in the very same restaurant, invented this spicy tuna sushi in an attempt to accommodate the tuna scraps. Currently, Spicy tune sushi is served in more than 16,000 restaurants across the globe and is one of the favourite cuisines of many people worldwide.

Inarizushi Sushi Easy Inari Sushi Recipe

Inarizushi Sushi might not be a name that you are familiar with, but it has great taste and a rich history with it. This sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that has been around for centuries. This type of sushi is freshly prepared by stuffing sushi rice and deep-fried tofu in a pouch. The taste of the sushi is a mixture of sweet, savoury, and a bit of vinegar. It adds the flavour into any dish when served as a side.

The history of this can be traced back to the Edo period in Japan. At that time, Inarizuchi sushi was eaten as a light snack or as a meal between lunch and dinner. The name of the sushi has been taken from the Shinto God Inari, the God who was popular for his fondness of a particular food. Currently, this traditional Japanese food is popular across the globe and can be made with just a few fresh ingredients at home.

Uni Sushi rollSushi Spotlight: Sea Urchin (Uni) - Osaka Japanese Bistro

Uri sushi roll, also known as Sea Urchin sushi, can be found at the roots of Japanese culture. It has been a prominent part of it for centuries. To trace its history, one might have to go back to the Eddo period. It is believed that Uni sushi roll was first known and mentioned in the Edo period and was consumed by the Samurai class.

It became popular among the common people after the 20th century, as Sea Urchin became a popular gradient. Its popularity was also due to its cheapness and fulfilling nature. In this sushi, the taste of sea origin is prominent, and it is also considered a standalone ingredient that gives it its unique taste. It is believed that the so she has many health benefits as well and leads to better skin health and increases fertility as well.

Moreover, it is also considered an assembly of prosperity and bringing good luck to people. This can be solved along with multiple dishes, ranging from soup to rice, and served with traditional Japanese dishes.

Shrimp Sushi 1 Best Way to Make Ebi - Secrets of Sushi

Like many other sushi, Shrimp sushi was also introduced in the era itself. During this period, the Japanese started to eat shrimp sushi and use it socially; the evidence of this can be seen in a picture named Shimazoroi-onna-benkei  that was drawn by Kuniyoshi Utagawa. There are two main kinds of shrimp sushi: boiled shrimp sushi. The second one is raw shrimp sushi. Both of them are equally delicious, but they both have a different taste.

In both shoes, the type of shrimp used is different from that of boiled shrimp sushi. Only the Japanese tiger prawn is used as it tastes better when boiling, whereas, in the other kind, raw shrimp sushi spot shrimp is used as it is juicy. The shrimp used in the sushi has a sweet and creamy nature that gives a thick and buttery texture to this taste of sushi. There are only very few restaurants across the globe that serve authentic sushi with the fresh ingredients that make this sushi authentic.

Spider Sushi RolSpider Roll - Sushi Menu - Roy's Sushi Thai & Grill

Spider social, the name of the social, comes from its resemblance to the legs of the bug that a spider. It looks a bit like an arachnid as it is made with mouthwatering delicious pieces of fried soft-shell crab, which also sticks out of the roll and gives the role a spy look. This role is also known for its versatile nature since it can also be made inside out, which means that they socialise with artists outside, and it’s different from what they consider traditional methods.

The spider rule sushi is presented as bite-size, small pieces that people can easily enjoy. Some restaurants also prefer to serve it with crab legs to make it visually more aesthetic and look like a spider. One feature of sushi is that it uses a large number of fresh ingredients and has a combination of different flavours that all come together to give a unique taste that is unlike any other sushi in the world.

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California RollCalifornia Roll

This sushi is a unique one as it is made inside out in rice soaked in vinegar from outside and cons of avocado, cucumber, and crap or imitation crap. The outer layer of rice is decorated with sesame seeds. It is believed that the California roll sushi was invented in the 1960s by chef Ichiro Mashita at a restaurant named Tokyo Kaikan. This restaurant was located in Tokyo, Los Angeles.

It is believed that he invented it after he was looking for a replacement for tuna and used avocado and also topped it up with a bit of crap that gave this di a seafood flavour. This appealed to the Americans, and therefore, sushi became popular among them. The California role has been on the popular dishes and types of sushi in the United States and, therefore, can be found in multiple venues around the world.

Kanpachi Sushi Kinko Bay's Kanpachi: Fresh, Mineral-Rich Premium Fish from Kagoshima | Kyushu Tourism Organization | Visit Kyushu

Kanpachi sushi is a unique one as its name comes from a unique fish. It is known as the star of traditional Japanese sushi and is popular for its main ingredients. The fish’s name comes from Its resemblance to the number eight, which is called “Hachi”.

It is one of the largest and most popular Shiromi fish, and it is also known to be related to other kinds of fish. The speciality of sushi is the type of fish used in it, which is Kanpachi.

Dragon Sushi Roll

It is believed that dragon roll was not authentically originated in Japan, but rather outside Japan. The dragon typically does not belong to the classified types of sushi that are found in Japan, but it has paved its way across the globe for its unique taste. It is said that it belongs to the different types of Sushi, which are in Western sizes and later introduced as a type of sushi.

It is believed that it originated somewhere in North America and can resemble Alaska roll sushi. In some places, dragon roll sushi is also known as caterpillar roll sushi, and it is called so because of its resemblance to a caterpillar. This dragon rule sushi is covered in green layers of avocado and cucumber, which gives a reflection of a dragon scale.

Sushi consists of pieces of crunchy tempura shrimp, Unagi fillet, avocado, avocado, sauce and is served with mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce as well. Sushi is also famous for its versatile nutrient nature; it is believed that this sushi contains multiple vitamins such as vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, iron, dietary fibre, magnesium, and potassium.

Toro SushiFatty Tuna Sushi (Toro)

The Toro Sushi is a dish that has been a prominent part of the culture of Japan for the last few centuries. It has been a significant one in the list of best sushi types due to its uniqueness in taste as well as texture.

Toro sushi is usually made from the Bluefin fish tuna, and the fatty belly part is used. It is finger food, but it takes a significant amount of time and skill.

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed a total of ten different types of sushi, there are many more to discover. We hope that you have found your favourite one from these that you wish to try next time you visit a restaurant.

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