Top 10 Best Guitars In The World: Icons That Have Defined Music Across Genres

September 16, 2023
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best guitars in the world

In the ever-evolving world of music, few instruments have influenced generations as profoundly as the guitar. Whether it’s the soulful blues, the roaring metal solos, or the intricate jazz melodies, the guitar has been an irreplaceable cornerstone in shaping the soundscapes of our lives. But not all guitars are created equal. Some have stood the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and influencing countless artists along the way. So, let’s find out more about the best guitars in the world.

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Top 10 Best Guitars In The World

In this article, we delve deep into the iconic world of these stringed masterpieces, exploring the top 10 guitars in the world that have not only defined music but have become legends in their own right.

1. Fender Stratocaster

First on the list of the best guitars ion the world is – Fender Stratocaster, born in 1954. It is the quintessential electric guitar that appeals to a broad spectrum of musicians. Its signature double-cutaway design provides easy access to the higher frets, while the trio of single-coil pickups offers a tonal variety that’s synonymous with the Strat. From Jimi Hendrix’s psychedelic wails to Eric Clapton’s bluesy bends, this guitar has proven its worth in versatility and longevity. The Stratocaster’s innate ability to adapt to multiple musical genres explains its enduring popularity.

2. Gibson Les Paul

Gibson’s Les Paul, launched in 1952, is often considered the antithesis of the Stratocaster. This one of the top guitars is known for its robust, rich tones thanks to its mahogany body and humbucker pickups, it’s a guitar that excels in powerful sustain. The Les Paul’s heft and the build give it a sturdy, reliable feel, and it has been the choice for countless guitar legends like Jimmy Page and Slash. Whether in rock or jazz, Les Paul has defined depth in musicality.

3. Fender Telecaster

Originally introduced as the Broadcaster in 1950, the Fender Telecaster was the world’s first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar. Its simplistic yet ingenious design, featuring two single-coil pickups, a single-cutaway body, and a bolt-on neck, has remained largely unchanged. The Telecaster’s twang and clarity make it a staple in country music, yet its raw energy also fuels rock, and blues features a slab-like single-cutaway design, often made from ash or alder.

This one of the best guitars in the world typically has two single-coil pickups that offer a range of tones—from sharp, stinging trebles to gutsy midrange. The guitar has found its home in many genres, but its bright, cutting tone has made it especially popular in country music. Bruce Springsteen and Keith Richards are among those who have made the Telecaster their axe of choice.

4. PRS Custom 24

PRS Custom 24-08 Purple Mist 0352221

When Paul Reed Smith launched the PRS Custom 24 in 1985, he offered a groundbreaking third way in a market dominated by Fender and Gibson. With its unique scale length and dual humbuckers, this guitar provides a distinctive sound that captures a broad tonal spectrum. Why is it one of the top guitars? The PRS tremolo system offers incredible tuning stability even with heavy whammy use, setting it apart in terms of functionality.

5. Gibson SG

The Gibson SG, introduced in 1961 as a rebranded version of a redesigned Les Paul, is a rocker through and through. Known for its lightweight mahogany body and distinctive twin horn-shaped cutaways, it provides easy access to the higher frets. Usually made from mahogany, the SG has a biting yet rich tone and is often favored for its rapid playability. Known for its use in harder rock and metal genres, iconic players include Angus Young of AC/DC and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

6. Gretsch White Falcon

Hailed as a visual masterpiece, the Gretsch White Falcon is a hollow-body wonder known for its lush, reverberant sound. Introduced in 1954, this guitar quickly gained the status of a collectible masterpiece, capturing the hearts of jazz and rockabilly musicians alike. Its striking appearance is matched only by its ethereal tonal quality. This hollow-body guitar is known for its large, 17-inch body and ornate aesthetic features like gold hardware, winged headstock, and white finish. Its Filter’Tron pickups offer a distinct, round tone that excels in reverberant richness, making it one of the best guitars in the world.

7. Rickenbacker 360

Introduced in the 1960s, this top guitar became iconic for its unique “jangly” sound, closely associated with the British Invasion bands like The Beatles and The Byrds. The 12-string version, in particular, is iconic for its bright, chiming tones, making it an essential part of the rock history lexicon. It often features deluxe appointments like triangle inlays and checkered binding, standing out both visually and sonically.

8. Epiphone Casino

Although it is currently known as Gibson’s entry-level line, this top guitar was formerly a highly regarded independent brand. Legendary musicians like John Lennon and George Harrison have supported the semi-hollow body guitar known as the Casino, enhancing its reputation as a multifaceted workhorse perfect for jazz, blues, and rock.

This is definitely one of the best guitars in the world with a full-hollow body, often mistaken for a semi-hollow due to its similar shape to the Gibson ES-335. John Lennon and George Harrison popularized the model during the Beatles era. Unlike the 335, it lacks a center block, offering a more airy, transparent tone that works across various genres. It usually features P-90 pickups that offer a warmer, fatter tone than traditional single-coils but are still capable of biting attack.

9. Gibson Flying V

In 1958, Gibson unleashed the Flying V, a guitar that looked straight out of a science fiction movie. Despite its futuristic design, this top guitar found its home in blues and later in the heavy metal scene. Its sharp angles and aggressive sound make it an enduring symbol of rock rebellion. Its radical design was initially met with skepticism, but it has since found its home in hard rock and metal genres. The guitar often features a mahogany body and set neck, contributing to its robust sustain and full tone. 

10. Ibanez Destroyer

1984 Ibanez Destroyer II DT-555 (MIJ Fujigen) – Deep Tone Music

This guitar, introduced in 1975, was Ibanez’s take on Gibson’s Explorer model. However, the Destroyer has its own identity thanks to its sharper lines and variety of available tonewoods. Famous for its role in Eddie Van Halen’s sound on his first album, The Destroyer often features high-output pickups ideal for rock and metal genres. Its sleek design and unique tonal offerings make it one of the best guitars in the world which is a modern classic in the making.

The world of guitars is as broad as deep, with options that can fulfill every need and fit any budget. This guide aims to help you navigate through some of the best guitars in the worlds currently available, focusing on their specifications, price ranges, and respective pros and cons. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar or a seasoned pro aiming to expand your collection, there’s a guitar on this list. Remember, the best guitar in the world is the one that makes you want to play. Happy strumming!

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