The Crown: Star Of The Queen Elizabeth II Coin Collection Is Worth Whopping $23 Million

September 12, 2023
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The Crown Coin

In an extravagant celebration of the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, a spectacular commemorative collection of expensive coins, aptly named “The Queen Elizabeth II Collection,” has taken the world by storm. This embodies the labor of love and skills, and is poised to make history, with its estimated value soaring to a staggering $23 million. Unveiled just days before the first anniversary of the beloved queen’s death, The Crown is an opulent creation that is nothing short of a numismatic masterpiece.

Crafted by the renowned East India Company, a luxury lifestyle brand with a rich history entwined with the British Empire, each piece is a testament to artistry and luxury. The East India Company, under the stewardship of businessman Sanjiv Mehta since 2005, has breathed new life, offering not just a glimpse into history but a tangible connection to it.

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The Crown Jewel of the Collection

Indian-origin CEO marks Queen Elizabeth II death anniversary with glittering Crown Coin

The most prized jewel? “The Crown,” a commemorative coin made from nearly 8 pounds of gleaming gold and adorned with a resplendent ensemble of over 6,400 radiant diamonds. Its size alone is awe-inspiring, with a diameter that surpasses that of an NBA-regulation basketball.

“The Crown” is more than a mere coin; it’s an object d’art, a masterpiece that transcends traditional notions of currency. Within its intricate design, one can find almost a dozen 24-carat gold coins, each nestled in a bed of glistening diamonds. The coin in the middle, the pièce de résistance, tips the scales at over 2 pounds, while the smaller coins surrounding it, each weighing a single ounce, bear portraits of the late monarch or depictions of virtues – truth, justice, and courage.

On one side of this majestic coin, thousands of diamonds have been meticulously placed to mirror the United Kingdom’s flag, an homage to the late queen’s homeland. The reverse side draws inspiration from her majesty’s tiaras, a symbol of her regal grace.

A Testament to Craftsmanship and Heritage

What sets “The Queen Elizabeth II Collection” apart is the unparalleled skills and creativity that went into its making. Artisans and experts hailing from the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Germany, and Sri Lanka pooled their talents to bring this breathtaking vision to life. 

The coin’s journey began more than a year ago, even before Queen Elizabeth’s passing at Balmoral Castle in Scotland last September. Produced along  with the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, the coin designs received full approval from the territory’s government and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself. This rigorous process was meticulously managed by the Royal Household and the Royal, Ceremonial, and Honors Unit (RCHU) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

A Tribute Fit for a Queen

A Coin With Over 6,000 Diamonds Honors Queen Elizabeth II

The East India Company’s CEO, Sanjiv Mehta, highlighted that 100% efforts were put into to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, whom he called “the queen of the Earth.” It took a tremendous amount of work to create “The Crown”. An average diamond setter can usually set four stones in an hour. With almost 6,500 stones, “The Crown” required a tremendous amount of labor—truly a labor of love and devotion.

The Coins that Tell a Tale

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Coin Collection | The Royal Mint

Here are some of the other coins that are part of this great collection:

Coronation Splendor: Among the standout pieces in the coin collection is a coin commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, a moment of regal splendor that marked the beginning of her historic reign. The coin, adorned with intricate details, transports us back to that momentous day, allowing us to relive the grandeur and significance of the event.

The Golden Jubilee: Another coin in the collection celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, marking her remarkable 50-year reign. It bears a design that reflects the resilience, dedication, and steadfastness of a monarch who has guided her nation through decades of change.

Commonwealth Unity: This coin features the unification of nations under the queen’s rule as a representation of her commitment to the Commonwealth. It acts as a reminder of her function as a bridging force across many cultures and nations.

Modernization: Some coins highlight the queen’s reign during a period of tremendous technological and societal change. These pieces showcase the advancements and innovations that defined her era, from the rise of space exploration to the advent of the digital age.

Cultural Milestones: Others pay homage to cultural milestones that happened during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. For instance the flourishing of the British arts, music, and literature, capturing the essence of an era that left an indelible mark on global culture.

A Gift for the Ages

World's Most Expensive Coin At Rs 192 Cr Is Made By India-Born Businessman's East India Company

Each of these painstakingly created coins is more than just a work of beauty; it is a historical time vault that captures an event that changed a country and the world. “The Queen Elizabeth II Collection” encourages the collectors of today and tomorrow to go through the magnificent era of the queen with their elaborate patterns and fine detailing.

For collectors and historians alike, “The Queen Elizabeth II Collection” is like a piece of history in their hands. It is a gift that will last through the years, a hidden gem of stories just waiting to be told, and a befitting monument to a king who made history.

The Crown” invites us to celebrate a life well-lived, to honor a monarch who defined an era, and to treasure the rich heritage of the British Empire. It is an appropriate homage to a queen who ruled for 70 years and made a lasting impression on the world.

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